Pipe fixing or fitting is a considerable topic if a person is thinking of renovation or building a new house. There are several techniques that the professionals use to attach the pipes in a house. It is better to do these plumbing tasks with a professional. But however, you can always learn some techniques of plumbing so that you can hire a plumber easily. Also if you know some techniques you can apply your knowledge to bargain a good deal. You should have knowledge about different kinds of pipe fittings. Octal Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings are durable pipe fittings that you can use if you are thinking of anti-rust fittings. Anti-rust fittings will not get clogged easily, will not rust and can help to maintain the free-flow of water.

Pipe fitting has several methods. Among them, one of the most popular ones is hydraulic pipe fitting. It is the most common and popular technique to arrange the pipes in a house. Once you get to know some of these you will also like the process. This is the most commonly used technique for pipe fittings. Using anti-rust pipes and fittings with this technique can help to get the most of this fitting technique. This technique requires a lot less maintenance work than the other techniques.

There are two main types of pipe fittings –

  1. Flanged Pipe Fittings
  2. Screwed Pipe Fittings

These types can be classified based on some following points.

Dividing Fittings: A dividing fitting is used to join all the divisions to the main pipelines. It is often used to join the pipes that come from different parts of the house. The dividing fittings are used to fit alongside the outlets for crosses, elbows, tees and some other types of fittings.

Union of Make-up Fitting: These are very commonly available fittings that you will see in complex situations. Where there is a complex piping problem, a union fitting can help. These fittings are used to attach more than one type of dividing fittings. For example, you can attach an elbow and a T fitting with this union fittings.

Enlarging or Reducing Fittings: This is a very commonly available type of fittings. This type of fittings is used to enlarge or reduce a fittings size. For example, you can attach a pipe with 4 inches diameter with a pipe with 3 inches diameter.

Directional Fittings: Bends, Elbows etc are commonly used fittings. These are used to direct the flow from one to another. Without these, changing of the flow becomes almost impossible without damaging the pipes.

Extension of Joining Fittings: Usually these fittings are used to increase the length of the pipe.

Shutoff Fittings: These are fittings that are used to close an opening. For example, you might not need a line for now. Then you can use a shutoff fitting on that side of the opening. The main function is to close down an opening.

These are the common types of pipe fittings.

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