In the very first episode of the Indian netflix series ‘little things’, Mithila Palkar (the lead actress) is seen trying on a very attractive Maharashtrian nath, this was my first encounter with this beautiful piece of Maharashtrian jewellery! I know many of you are like ‘didn't you see Priyanka Chopra’s nath in Bajirao Mastani?’ and yes I have seen it but I was too focused on Bajirao and Mastani's love story to realise how stunning Kashibai’s nath looked !!

A Nath is traditional jewellery of Maharashtra and is really popular because of the royalty it adds to a person’s entire look as well as it being of cultural importance to the Marathas.

Since the encounter of this precious jewellery, I began researching the traditional jewellery of Maharashtra, and ergo decided to share the information with you all darlings!
Have a look!

1. Banu Nath

This particular Nath type is named after a famous marathi mythological T.V. serial

‘Jai Malhar’s’ character, Goddess Banai - fondly called Banu. She is seen wearing this beautiful Maharashtrian Nath throughout the serial. This is a typical design of the Maharashtrian Nath where the jewellery is in the shape of a semicircle and studded with a single row of pearls and stone.

My cousin bought this Nath for her Engagement party and paired it with a modern dhoti outfit and let me tell you one thing, she looked stunning!!! It’s good to experiment with all the amazing traditional stuff, it makes it trendy as well as cultural!

2. Karwari Nath

The symbolism of this type of nath comes from the cultural significance of the Maharashtra and Karnataka border.

Karwari is a town in Karnataka and ergo the name! This type is quite similar to Banu Nath but since it’s name comes from a town in Karnataka, this design has a touch of South India. Mostly, these Naths are studded with stones, gold plated and merged with Basra Motis.

I really like the double row of stones, it makes it more appealing as well as the green and red beads which would dangle while you wear this nath, so pretty and cute!

3. Puneri Nath

While researching for the traditional jewellery of Maharashtra, I came across this beautiful piece and it blew my mind, the beauty of the coloured big stones is enchanting. This type of Maharashtrian Nath is different from the previous two types that we talked about because of its shape as well as the design.

As you can see, this design is not at all circular, it’s a little curvy but not circular and is studded with two flower designs, one at each end and engraved with 2 big colorful stones with pearls and a pretty pattern engraved on the body of the Nath. This design is perfect for people like me, who are blessed with round big noses and also for people who are wearing heavy jewellery since the body between the two flowers adds a sense of minimalism.

4. Kashibai Nath

This design is inspired from the movie ‘Bajirao Matanni’, where the character ‘Kashibai’ wears these beautiful Nath designs on the other hand Mastaani’s naths are engraved with different coloured stones. This design is similar to the puneri nath designs but have a little more length and as you can see the detailing done on the Kashibai Naths is more intricate and minute.

This has to be my favourite design of all the other Maharashtrian Nath designs, it’s just mesmerizing, the reason being the body of the Nath, looks incredible! This is probably the most ‘bridal’ nath because of its exquisite design.

5. Pachu Nath

This is a very special kind of nath because instead of stones and pearls, it is studded with only emeralds and diamonds, very exquisite and tempting, I know!

I love how they have created one the designs above in a leaf pattern way, looks amazing and those solitaires give the whole nath a very grand appeal.

The styles doesn’t vary much from the other Naths but this one definitely oozes out royalty as well as elegance, the best thing is that I can easily pair this with a silver and emerald lehenga or anything which isn’t too traditional because with the other naths we don’t have that sort of leverage.

6. Peshwai Nath

These Nath designs are a little different from the other designs, the difference being the size, these are smaller than the regular sized Naths. I love the detailing done on these cute little naths, especially the diamonds and the purple coloured stones engraved in it.

I can see myself buying a piece of this Maharashtrian Jewellery and wearing it with a Dhoti suit and a pair of pretty mojaris!!

I am finally done with this amazing research on traditional Maharashtrian Nath designs and let me tell you, I am so much more attracted to them now than I was before I finished writing this!

Another thing I would like to mention is that a pierced nose isn’t a deal breaker when it comes to these beautiful traditional Maharashtrian Naths because these do come in clip ons as well!!! Don’t forget to mention your favourite Nath style in the comment section below!! toodles.

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Maharashtra is one of the most famous state of India and Its dresses are famous from the time of Maratha's. Traditional dress of Maharashtra we see a lot of time on the big screen. Everyone should know about it.