Any investment is considered a good investment when the returns of the investment add value to you and make you better than you were before.
In the case of an MBA, there are certain personality traits that are looked for after you have completed your course; and even if you already have these traits, doing an MBA would be a good investment as it is going to polish these traits for better and more efficient use.
Doing an MBA Program from DBSBM, Best MBA College in Dehradun, and coming out as an MBA increases your value in the corporate sector and also brings in a huge amount of advancement to your overall personality. These personality traits are going to help you not only in your professional life but also improve your social and personal life.
Creative and out of the box thinker:
• An out of the box thinker is a person who knows that there are a hundred ways to do something, and a creative person is the one who knows which one out of these hundred ways is going to be the best to be used for a particular situation. A person with an MBA degree is both and hence has the capability to lead and work in a team.
Committed and focused:

• Being focused on what you do and having the ability to handle personal and professional issues separately is something very important, this ability is called commitment to the work at hand. A person who knows how to maintain a balance between his priority list and urgency list is someone who is apt to hold a higher responsibility position in any organization.
Leader and team player:
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• Every person who is working in an organization has to follow orders from his/her seniors and give orders to his/her juniors. You must have the ability to work in a team and also you must be able to lead a team if and when required.
• When doing a business, being ethical is one of the most important factors to be kept into consideration. Growth is important, but growth achieved by unethical means doesn’t last long. We as human beings are sensitive to energy, also known as the vibe, which if not good, we try to distance ourselves from the source and hence leading to the degradation of the unethical person.
Quick decision-maker:
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• Corporate sector is a fast-paced world which demands growth for survival and we all know growth depends on our decisions from offered choices; a leader should be able to make a better judgment than the crowd and that too, quickly. It goes without saying that a quick and good decision goes a long way.
Calculated risk-taker:
• Each one of us, at some point in time, has to take a risk to reach out to our desired goal; but when at a senior position the risk is bigger; as you, by taking a risk, are also putting your whole team at risk. A better judgment includes taking a calculated risk so that even if by chance you fail the loss isn’t huge or you have a backup plan to avoid the repercussions of failing.
Good at pressure handling:
• We face problems and challenges in all walks of life and hence are weighed down due to adverse circumstances. A good leader/manager knows how to handle pressure and work under pressure without hampering the outcome. The ability to put the pressure off your shoulders while you are performing at your workplace is something that is going to take you a long way.
Planning abilities and strategy:
• Every great idea needs a plan of action and a strategy to be implemented properly. And a good leader is always 3-4 steps ahead of the current stage of the plan. The ability to see the bigger picture helps you to strategics for a long-term plan and also gives you time to solve a future problem before it even arises.

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