There are different types of remedies for hair loss, ranging from natural, to synthetic, and to the more complex methods. While the last two are effective for many people, going for the natural cure for hair loss is always the best way.

Are you eating healthy and consuming meals that are rich in protein? Proper nutrition consisting of proteins such as lean meats, fish, and lentils is one of the best natural remedies for treating your condition. You can also start with drinking a healthy cocktail every morning that consists of alfalfa juice, lettuce (make sure it's some sort of green leafy lettuce), and carrot juice. In addition to your diet, you may also want to contact your physician to rule out any underlying conditions that may be responsible for your excessive loss of hair.

The simplest home remedy to stop hair thinning is by gently massaging your scalp with uncooked egg yolk for several minutes then leaving it on your hair for about an hour before washing. Castor oil is highly beneficial for improving hair growth. Before you apply it, mix it up with equal quantity of almond oil in order to reduce its viscosity. Now massage it well into the scalp. This should be done once in a week for best results. Plain abstinence from alcohol, smoking and recreational drugs is often not enough to protect us from the toxins all around us. Toxins such as chlorine, pesticides, second-hand smoke, traffic exhaust fumes, certain cosmetics and germs in the air infiltrate the body systems and place an enormous load on our metabolic systems.

A lack of vitamins in the body is another common cause for the loss of hair in women and men. Without certain vitamins and minerals, your hair cannot grow. Your body will be forced to use the limited supply of nutrients to support the functions which are necessary to keep you alive. Other less important functions, such as growing hair will come to a halt.

Burdock root oil is one of the most popular hair loss remedies in Europe. You can apply burdock root oil directly to the scalp. Burdock root oil also helps improve hair strength and shine, and reduce dandruff and scalp itch. Burdock root oil helps stop hair loss because it has the phytosterols that are required for a healthy scalp and hair growth. Phytosterols, are plant sterols that can help protect the cells in the human body.

Combine the juice of alfalfa with equal quantities of carrot and lettuce juice to help enrich hair growth. Drink this on a daily basis. Alfalfa juice can also be prepared by using fresh leaves of the plant, though these are more difficult to obtain.

Researchers claim that birch oil helps slow down the process of hair loss. Mix a couple of teaspoons of birch tree oil with your shampoo and apply directly to your scalp and hair. Leave undisturbed for about 10 minutes before washing away with cold water.

Or try rosemary. According to holistic researchers, you can take a handful of rosemary leaves in a pan and steep them in water. Simmer them for about 15 minutes. Then allow the brew to cool. Later, strain it and mix with a few drops of oil such as olive or wheatgerm. Wash your hair with your regular choice of shampoo then use this rosemary solution as a rinse for your hair. Keep for a few minutes and then wash away with lukewarm water.

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