What’s the difference between a topper and you?

A topper has focus and you don’t.
A topper is clear about his goals and you are not.
A topper is persistent and you are not.
A topper never waste his time and your favorite app is instagram.
When you are listening to Sandeep Maheswari they are studying.

A focus is like a muscle which develops with practice. When you study and are not able to concentrate then keep studying. Bringing you focus back to your book again and again will build your focus.

For example two players X and Y don’t know how to play Tennis. X keep practicing it for a month and Y did not practice then X will win the game for sure against Y.

That’s why even if you are not getting rid of your overthinking then keep practicing your focus. You will win.

Goals and Scheduling

You can not achieve your ultimate goal tomorrow therefore you must break your goals into small parts. Decide your yearly goal and break it into monthly and further break it into weekly and daily goal. Write what you will do today and schedule your day. Also rate yourself daily on the basis of how much you have completed your goal.


Be resolute and purposeful. Never find any excuses for not doing any work. Always ask yourself what is important for you your goal or your excuse and keep working hard. Be always at preparatory mode. Luck is least important if you work hard.


We enjoy short term gratification a lot. You study for an hour and think that I should open Whatsapp now for 5 mins to make my mind feel fresh but you ended up using it for 20 mins. You can fix your timings for your hobbies and addictions in your schedule. But goals must come first then hobbies and then your addictions like Insta and Whatsapp. Or if it’s possible and tolerable for you then uninstall non productive apps.

Author's Bio: 

Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer having more than 15 years of experience.