Do you want to make your career in something similar to media, but puzzled about which course to choose? There are many options in media-related courses like Journalism (Print or electronic or online), Mass Communication, Advertisement, and PR, Development Communication and many more options. In this blog, I will focus only on Journalism and Mass communication.
Journalism is about news reporting be it for newspapers, magazines, T.V, radio or the internet. Based on which Course in Journalism is further divided into print, electronic or online, where print journalism is specifically for newspapers, magazines, etc. Electronic Journalism is for T.V or Radio and online journalism as the name says is for internet-based journalism. If you are focused to pick any one stream, then opt for the proper course. Otherwise, there are courses which include all the above-mentioned streams of Journalism such as MA in Convergent journalism. Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions is providing a Journalism course in Dehradun with the best educational facilities, training programs, and best workshops.

For the creative, strong socializers, Mass Communication is a new and upcoming field that’s quickly expanding popularity with young job seekers all over the country. Though the field has been around for a long while, the absolute generation of media into our lives now, through mediums such as television, newspaper, radio, advertising, PR, etc., is greatly improving its popularity. Although, even as the internet is changing the game, the basic skills you’d need to succeed is still based around one thing: your skill to sell.
Mass Communication the name says is the course that deals with different media to spread the message, information or entertain masses. Under the umbrella of mass communication, you study theater, radio, TV, film making, journalism, Advertisement, and PR. Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions is the best mass communication colleges in Dehradun, providing the best placement in Uttarakhand.

Mass Communication covers the broader area and the Journalism course focuses on the news only.

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