While they say that a facial session can open up clogged pores, improve blood circulation, clear up blemishes, remove black and white heads, reduce pimple scars and much more, it is something that should be opted for regularly which could be once in two months and not when it is time to attend a wedding or a party. On the other hand, there is this concept of ’clean-up’. 

Clean-up is a lighter version of a facial where within a limited time and with the use of lesser cosmetics, the face is cleaned up. The massage may not be for long, and the process is cut short. This is something that can be opted for every month especially when you find yourself being exposed to pollution, sunlight, dirt, everyday makeup for professional reasons, etc. 

It is often due to a lack of time that people ignore such important skincare regimes. A clean-up or even a facial every once in a while at a salon for facials in Canberra is something that has multiple benefits. Here is a quick look at which one is better. 

A clean-up

When you opt for a clean-up, the clogged pores are cleared, dead skin is removed, accumulated dirt and gunk around the nose or below the lips is removed, and your face receives that long lost glow. If you have frequent the outdoors, apply heavy makeup each day, encounter dust and dirt exposure, it is likely that you opt for a cleanup every once in a while especially after a span of two weeks. Dirt and accumulation on the skin aren’t always removed with facewash, and that is the reason why there is the need to bring your facial skin to life.  



The regime of a clean-up will include cleaning, scrubbing, steaming, getting rid of whiteheads and blackheads and finally a face pack that would keep the skin hydrated and tight. There is no massage involved in a clean-up, and all of it finishes up in a short time. It is known to cost lesser than a facial due to the least effort put in or probably skipping multiple steps that are generally involved in facial therapy. 

A Facial 

While this procedure also includes cleaning, scrubbing, dead skin removal, removal of blackheads and whiteheads and finally applying a face pack, it takes up a lot of time. The face receives a massage which is known to trigger better blood circulation and smoother skin texture. While different skin conditions need a specific type of treatment, facials require a lot of attention. It is said that opting for a facial session every 6 weeks or so allows the skin to stay supple and hydrated. 



Whether you opt for a clean-up or a facial, it should always be done by a professional who is trained and holds a license while also working at beauty salons in Adelaide. They are the ones who know of the right techniques and no make you face deteriorate in appearance. There are times when people with no prior experience perform facial massages that lead to people witnessing wrinkles on their face in a few days.

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The author has had experiences with opting for facials in Canberra and writes this article to help people choose the right facial and waxing salons in Adelaide.