Nonvegetarian Diet and Piles: - The people's sufferer of anorectal diseases like piles fissure and fistula in ano is fond of nonveg diet. 70% of all populations suffering from anorectal diseases are nonvegetarians.

The reason behind this can be concluded as follows:-

1. Lowest Fiber.
2. Absorbs More Water Content From The Intestine.
3. Heavy to Digest.
4. Generally Taken In the Night.
5. Lakh of Salad with the Same Diet.
6. As It Tastes Good Taken In Excess Quantity.
7. Immediate Sleeping After Such a Heavy Diet.

Each of these regions takes part in pathology formation:-

1. Lowest fiber: - At this nonveg diet is the animal product it has 0% of fibers in it. So due to lack of fibers stool doesn't get desired weight, girth and propagation in the intestine so constipation is inevitable.

2. Absorbs More Water: - To get digest such a heavy stuff in history area requires more liquid or water to get liquify as it gets liquify it is easy for intestine to absorb the nutrients but nonveg diet absorbs more water and remains dry it is hard for intestine to propagate dry and hard stool through intestine and constipation and subsequently piles fissure and fistula disease develops.

3. Heavy to Digest: - Gastric juices are insufficient to digest the nonveg protein as diet. More gastric juices and bile is required to digest such a diet and it takes a long time than a vegetarian diet. So propagation is slower and constipation develops.

4. Generally taken in the night: - In India, this type of non-veg diet is routinely taken in the night. In parties are functions nonveg diet is generally taken in late at night. As per Ayurveda digestion power is less in the night and usually, it is practice to get sleep immediately after this heavy diet these food particles are suspended in gastric and intestine for a long time. Also, the movements in light are less than the daytime. This whole process causes improper stool and subsequently causes piles fissure and fistula.

5. Lack of Salads Along With This Nonvegetarian Diet: - When the nonveg diet is sir along with that in hotels salad is also served. The purpose behind his is less fiber diet of nonvegetarian is served along with a fiber-rich salad. If it is not taken with the nonveg diet then constipation is inevitable.

6. Taken in Excess Quantity as It Tastes Good: - Take the excess amount of fiber in diet in salad large amount fiber. Fiber is more important for in diet which peoples are sufferers from hemorrhoids. Fruits contain a large number of fibers you can eat fruits in the daily diet plan.

7. Immediate Sleeping after Such a Heavy Diet: - Immediate sleeping after such a heavy diet comes more problems like weight gain, heartburn. Weight becomes gain these big problems for which peoples suffered from piles. Do not sleep immediately after heavy lunch.

Above reasons are an important factor for the diet of which peoples are suffered from hemorrhoids. You follow the diet strictly then safe from the hemorrhoids follow the diet in a daily diet plan. One of the easiest, most natural ways to become more regular is by filling up on fiber either through your diet or supplements. Fiber is more effective or prevents hemorrhoids great food sources of fiber include likes legumes whole grains, brown rice, vegetables, fruits these are the big sources of fiber. This food eats in your regular diet plan.

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