Wedding plans invites you to go for jewellery shopping for your spouse to be. As truly said diamonds are girl’s best friend, diamond engagement rings are the perfect one for engagement rings. But to get a good piece of diamond at appropriate prices there are certain key factors that one should understand.

Diamonds have world rated standardized description that give value to them according to their carat, weight, color, clarity and cut. While deciding the diamond quality, 4cs that are clarity, cut, color and carat should be consider. Expert diamonds cutters can create new cuts with different and more intricate levels of refraction. One can easily find various shapes like hearts, which are beautifully cut for increasing the beauty of the diamond engagement rings. About these, detailed information will be provided by the jewellery and the catalog. If it’s not provided, one should ask for it before the finalization your purchase of diamond jewllery. For the diamond engagement ring, loose diamonds are available in different sizes such as 0.40 – 1.50 carat with varying clarity for instance S12 – VS2 and in colors ranging form F – H. for diamonds it is important to have a certificate of authenticity that are issued by different laboratories like American Gem Society (A.G.S.) or Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A) and are widely accepted by diamond industry. After the diamond is selected, one should choose the metal on which diamond will be studded namely, yellow gold, white gold or even platinum.

Platinum is a very hard, durable metal with a beautiful white luster making it all time favorite for engagement rings. Platinum is the most expensive and rare than the other precious metals. No wonder, a lot of youngsters select Platinum Engagement Rings. Once you have chosen the metal, next step is the selection of the diamond setting which are almost endless, be it traditional, classic or stylish. Prong, bar, tension, bezel, channel, flush, cluster and invisible are some of the terms used to describe the setting of diamond engagement rings. Prong is the most popular and a master piece as it holds the diamond as if it is hanging, allowing light to enter creating an attractive sparkle.

When the choice of diamond, metal and setting of diamonds are done, one should inquire about the making and if enhancement is done or not on diamonds. Enhancement of diamonds is basically the treatment done to improve the color, brightness, etc of diamonds. The details of these things should be mentioned in invoice or the certificate of diamond with the technique used for treatment. Once all the points are taken into account; diamond engagement ring is ready for purchase and for becoming the price less symbol of your wedding.

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