Diamond Jewelry
Diamonds is one of the most loved gems. Mostly preferred among women it is often used as a status symbol. If your diamond jewelry is broken, get it repaired immediately. Trying to repair the jewelry at home with some little crafts can damage it more. Also, if your jewelry is damaged do not wear it or else you might do serious damage.

The most suitable way of diamond jewelry repairing is to take it to a qualified and reputable jeweler. The original manufacturer of the jewelry would be your best choice since he would be aware of the construction of the jewelry and will clearly know how to repair it.

Maintenance of diamonds is difficult as they easily attract grease. Even the oil from our fingers can adhere to it when we touch it which can affect its glaze.

Regular cleaning of a diamond is necessary. Soak your diamond in a gentle solution which should also be degreasing such as water with a few drops of mild soap every once a while to keep the gem sparkling for a long time. Use a clean, soft toothbrush after the cleaning solution can help eliminate the remaining dirt. The toothbrush can reach the places which collect most oil and dirt. Keeping the diamond on while moisturizing your body parts can make the stone lackluster. So, it is recommended to take off the jewelry whenever you are using any grooming products to avoid tarnishing your jewelry and keep it in a fabric-lined box.

Avoid using harsh chemicals. Toothpaste, household cleansers or chlorine bleach should never be used to clean diamonds. Chlorine can cause damage to diamond, even the abrasives such as toothpaste and the household cleansers can scratch the metal.

It is advised to take off the jewelry while doing manual labor. While doing household chores such as cleaning, washing, and others we use many cleansers containing bleach which can scratch the diamond or even discolor it.

It is advisable to keep the diamond jewelry in a box and not leave it unattended when kept aside to keep it safe and also protect it from the dust and other elements. Also, avoid putting all the jewels in a single box as other metals can scratch diamond. Diamond jewel should have its own space in the box in which it fits snugly so that it does not get brushed with hard objects.

You need to be careful with your precious stone otherwise it might cost you a fortune. So besides regular cleaning at your home, you should also get it checked by a reputed jeweler. It should be done almost every year at least once. This needs to be done to make sure that the stone is not loose or there are no scratches or if there are some other repairing that needs to be done but is not easily seen. This maintenance checking adds beauty and life to your jewelry.

Lastly, any precious item should have insurance. So, make sure you have insurance for your diamond jewelry. It will help you overcome your losses in case the jewelry gets stolen, lost or damaged.

Diamond is a symbol of status. We have seen men and women wearing large diamond jewelry pieces to show or pretend that they are an elite member. Once you have purchased a piece of diamond jewelry you need to be very careful with it so as not to degrade its value. Follow the above tips and your diamond will sparkle for a very long time.

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