While the semiconductor industry has been facing the chip-shortage for about a year now, one major issue that has been lurking in the shadows for years but hasn’t got much consideration is debugging layout parasitics. To deal with the problem, Diakopto was founded on the recognition that parasitics are now a first-order problem. The semiconductor industry demands a radical change in methodology and tools to meet the challenge.

Committed to resolving this issue, Co-founder Maxim Ershov pioneered a new methodology that attacks the problem from the perspective of the engineers tasked with IC design and layout optimization. As the CEO and CTO of the company, he is driving the development of a new breed of EDA tools – easy to use, intuitive, orders of magnitude faster, visual, and providing actionable insights.

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The Overview

Diakopto is disrupting the industry by offering unique products to fill a void to end the frustrating and time-consuming debugging process. Its products are designed around a new approach to help engineers develop next generation chips more effectively and efficiently. The methodology is based on three principles:

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