There are several ways to clinically get rid of man boobs. Though as we have discussed in the early blogs that the presence of man boobs is something one must not worry since it will just pass away, there are cases which need special attention.

Usually, gynecomastia can be diagnosed through a thorough physical examination. To be able to detect the presence of the hormonal balance, you need to provide your physician with a complete medical history. The medical history must include a report on drugs previously taken. It can also help if family history relating to the disorder is provided.

The doctor will be inquiring about symptoms, and if he detected something that triggers a suspicion for possible cancer, he may require you to undergo a mammogram. A physical examination of breast tissues, genitals and abdomen is also required. Other tests such as blood tests to examine thyroid, kidney liver function and measurement of hormone levels can also help in the diagnosis.

If the diagnosis proves to determine a hormonal imbalance, no need to worry.

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It will soon automatically disappear within a year. This is true, especially for teenage boys. However, if the chest lump is unusual and abnormally large, one-sided, tender or hard, the doctor will further ask you for a family history related to breast cancer.
Based on your other medical tests, the doctor will rule out possibilities of lipoma, cyst, mastitis, hamartoma, metastasis, fat necrosis, hematoma, and breast

Testosterone Replacement

This is effective in older men with a lower level of testosterone. Somehow, this must not be considered in cases of normal testosterone level.

Risk factors for gynecomastia include the following:

•Use of Steroid or androgen to enhance athletic performance
•Health conditions including liver and kidney disease, hormone-activated
tumors, Klinefelter Syndromes, and thyroid disease.

Man boobs have few and minor complications but they can somehow affect mental and psychological conditions due to their abnormal appearance.

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