Developing empathy skills is something we all have to go through at one point or another. It makes us better persons and allows us to connect with people a lot easier.

In fact, a lot of experts are saying that having a high EQ is a more beneficial trait now than having a high IQ. Learn all about developing empathy skills right now!

Step 1: Acknowledge Your Own Emotions.

Sometimes, all it takes to understand other people is an understanding of ourselves. Once we know what it feels like to love or be loved, and to hurt or be hurt, developing empathy skills comes easy.

Seeing and recognizing our own feelings helps us interpret the same feelings in other people. So why don't you try focusing on your own emotions first? Once you have had a bit of practice, then you can move on to the people around you.

Step 2: Write Down Your Observations.

Talking to others about their feelings can be insensitive if we don't know how to go about it; and yet we want to start developing empathy skills right away.

It's conflicting, but one good advice is to write down your observations first. Keep a notebook with you at all times and write down your thoughts.

If you're going to talk about other people's feelings, it might be smarter for you to use aliases (instead of their names). No matter how noble your intentions are, people who might happen to read your notes might not feel the same way.

Step 3: Watch A Lot Of Movies.

Watching a lot of movies can also help you in developing empathy skills. The beauty of watching movies is that they have a lot of internal monologues going on. This way, you have a firsthand look at how people (fictional or not) react to certain things.

When watching the film, allow yourself to feel what the characters in the film are going through. You might cry, laugh or get upset; but all that helps you develop your ability to relate with other people.

Reading books or listening to the radio can also have the same effect on you. Choose your medium and start getting in touch with your sensitive self right away!

Developing empathy skills is integral to living a full life. Don't be afraid of being close to other people and letting them in your life. It might be a little scary at first, but it is only going to help you become a better person in the long run.

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