Depressed About Not Getting Pregnant: Depression Trying To Conceive (How To Deal With Disappointment Of Not Conceiving)

Without question there are more than 3 facts regarding home remedies for getting pregnant. Unfortunately we can't list them all here. Many of these home remedies tend to focus more on issues that sit at the root as to why some women have trouble getting pregnant.

Finding home remedies for getting pregnant can also be a pretty discouraging task as you go from one remedy to another. What you have to keep in mind, is that every woman's body is different, and some things that may affect one person on a physiological or physical level might not affect you the same way.

So it is a matter of trial and error at some points. But there are some hard rules that have been documented to increase fertility in women on a more general level.

First - Watch what you eat. This, by far, is one of the most crucial mistakes women make when trying to get pregnant. There is an alarming rate of infertility among both women and men over the last few decades, and some reports show that diets high in soy are contributing to this trend.

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Soy contains estrogen mimicking compounds that increase estrogen in men, and can lead to ovarian cancer, breast cancer, early menopause, and endometriosis in women. Foods that contain soy are the majority of prepackaged processed foods.

Caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco are also hazards to women struggling with fertility. If you keep these habits up, and go through rounds of hormone injections and Clomid, you will still not get pregnant because the root causes of your infertility are not being addressed.

Second - Get up and Get out. Having an active lifestyle doesn't mean that you must start rock climbing, it's actually much easier than that. Regular exercise not only releases toxins from the body, but uplifts your mood as well, and decreases stress. Stress, along with diet, are very high on the list of causes of infertility in women. If you think about it, many women today live very hectic lifestyles, and taking a break every once in a while is not something that should be overlooked.

Adding the stress of dealing with infertility along with the stresses at work and family and life in general creates a physiological strain on the body that does much more harm than most women think.

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Third - Get "Stuck". Acupuncture is a great way to relieve stress, pressure, and toxins from the body. Massages and aromatherapy are also great ways to accomplish this as well. Get your boyfriend or husband to give you a massage before bed, or take a warm bath with aromatherapy candles and allow yourself 30 minutes at least 3 days a week to deflate. This approach works better for those women who are not able to meditate.

All in all, these are only a few suggestions that have helped women prepare their bodies for pregnancy. Remember, you are a natural, organic being and pumping yourself full of synthetic hormones or pills only lead to adverse effects on your body.

Finding a pregnancy guide that lists other methods and approaches, and possibly a coach or one-on-one consultant who can help you navigate through the world of home remedies for getting pregnant, would really cut down on your learning curve.

Ultimately, there are home remedies that will work for you, and some that won't. It all depends on your body, genetic makeup and lifestyle.

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When you are trying to find a cure for infertility, it is almost as valuable to know what to avoid as it is to know what you should be doing. So what should you be doing? In short, you should try to relax and de-stress, eat plenty of high vitamin foods like raw fruits and drink your greens to get the best nutritional absorption, and exercise to release toxins from your body; being stagnant is the bodies natural enemy.

So what should you not do?


Smoking is something that creates a toxic environment for the body, which impedes natural hormonal growth and affects the reproductive system in a tremendous way. If you have been trying to have a baby and have not had any success, just quitting smoking can be a cure for infertility because it will increase your chances by up to 30%.


Just like smoking, alcohol has actually been shown to increase infertility by over 40%. Alcohol not only effects the woman's body, but the mans as well, by lowering sperm motility. Alcohol inhibits zinc from being absorbed into the body, which is one of the most effective minerals needed for conception.

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There is plenty of evidence that shows that drinking an average of 1 cup of coffee a day can cut your fertility in half. By eliminating caffeine related food and drink up to 2 months before trying to conceive, your chances of getting pregnant increase over 30%.

There are other things that you should avoid as well if you are trying to conceive, and in order to find a cure for infertility it is important to know what you should not be doing. Obviously these are all part of most peoples every day lives, but if you are having trouble conceiving, these easily avoidable things can increase your fertility.

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I often hear from couples (or women) who are trying to plan when they are going to try to become pregnant. Many try to pinpoint this to the exact day or even the exact hour. Some have a very tight agenda or schedule. Sometimes, their husband or the father-to-be is stationed overseas. Sometimes, there is a special day or occasion on which they would like to conceive. But, many are also very aware of the fact that you can only successfully conceive or become pregnant during a few particular and very specific days of the month. This is especially true if you want to have a specific gender or care deeply about whether you conceive a girl or boy baby.

I often hear from people who are looking for a way around this. It's not uncommon for me to hear comments like: "I want to conceive this weekend because it's a special time for us. But I'm not due to ovulate for 10 more days. And since I want a boy baby, I know that I need to conceive at the end of my ovulation period. So I know that to have the best chance to get pregnant this month and conceive a son, I need to wait at least 10 more days to have sex for conception. But, what if I want to conceive this weekend? Is there anything at all that I can do to make myself ovulate now?"

I wish I had a better answer, but there really is not. Your body has its own schedule. Each woman has a unique ovulation schedule and some women actually have this schedule fluctuate from month to month. For example, some women ovulate like clockwork mid way through their cycle. Some ovulate early, some ovulate late, and some are not regular and have cycles that very in length.

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People often ask me if there's a vitamin supplement or pill that they can take to make ovulation imminent or to encourage it to hurry up and happen. There really isn't. Think about it this way. Your body ovulates because it responds to your changing hormones and your ripening egg. There is no way to rush nature's hormonal cycle or to rush or hurry your egg. You want to let the process unfold as its supposed to.

With that said, there are women who are under a doctor's case for infertility and who know exactly when they are supposed or are scheduled to ovulate because their doctor is influencing their cycle through drugs or injections. This is very different than someone trying to change their cycle or ovulation day at home out of convenience or a preference for a particular ovulation day.

What you can do is begin testing yourself with a good ovulation predictor (I like saliva) and begin looking for any changes. Saliva predictors begin to change much sooner than urine predictors so you have several days of an advanced notice. Sometimes, you might find that you ovulate a little earlier than you thought and this can be a pleasant surprise. But unfortunately, other than with medical intervention, I don't know of any way to change your ovulation day or to make it occur now or at a time that is earlier or more convenient.

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I often hear from couples who are trying to figure out the best date on which to attempt to conceive or become pregnant. They often are trying to schedule this well in advance and this process becomes even more challenging when they are trying to choose their baby's gender because they have a strong preference for either a boy or girl baby.

I recently heard from someone who asked: "on what dates could I conceive a boy baby? I'd like the conceive on our anniversary, but I'm not sure if it's possible." I also sometimes hear from people who ask me to predict astrological or numerical dates that are most favorable for a girl (or a boy depending upon your preference.) I will leave that advice to the astrologers, since I prefer methods that have some basis in science.

I can tell you that in my experience and observation, the date that the calendar displays in not as important as the information that some other tools are displaying in regards to when it is time to conceive a boy and a girl. Unfortunately, sometimes you may have a preferable date in your own mind, but your body is not in its most favorable state to conceive or produce a girl or boy baby.

For example, let's say that, like the example above, you just finished your menstrual period on the 1st of the month, but you would like to conceive on or around the 10th because it's your anniversary. Unless you ovulate very early in your cycle (and some women do) then it's not likely that you would be ready to become pregnant with either gender on the 10th. But the real way to find this out is to get yourself a good ovulation predictor and begin testing a few days after your period is over. Keep testing until you get a positive result which indicates that ovulation is imminent. (This can sometimes mean many days of testing depending upon your cycle, which is one reason that I like saliva predictors because they are reusable.)

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Now what you do once you get a positive depends on which gender you want and which type of predictor you are using. Saliva predictors will often give you a slight positive s few days before ovulation. So, if you want a girl and are using a saliva predictor, then you'd want to try to conceive once you get a positive as long as your pH is right (which I'll discuss next.) If you are using saliva predictor and want a boy, you'd wait to have sex until you get a definitive positive rather than a slight positive to show ovulation has already occurred. Again, it doesn't matter whether the calendar says the 1st of January, the 6th if June, the 15th of December, or any date in between. What matters is ovulation and pH readings and the right combination can happen on any date at all.

Now, if you're using a urine predictors, you will only get positives once ovulation has happened. That's why these predictors can work when you want a boy, but they aren't quite as effective if you want a girl. Now, let's discuss pH. Timing is very important when trying for a girl or boy. But pH is equally important. You want an acidic pH for a girl and an alkaline one for boy.

So what happens if say, you still want to conceive on the 10th but the test results are showing you're not ready? Well, that depends on how badly you want to choose or control your baby's gender. If you really want a girl or boy but your pH and ovulation isn't right on the date you've chosen, then you are much better off choosing another day when the conditions are more favorable, unless you want to take your chances.

For example, if you want a girl, you're better off waiting for when you can conceive a few days before ovulation with an acidic pH, no matter what the day, month or date on the calendar says. And, if you want a boy, you need to precise day when ovulation has already happened and your are alkaline enough so that the Y or boy producing sperm are not being killed off by a too high vaginal pH.

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