A good dentist in dental implants could be a premise to get good results with dental implants. During this article we'll explain some basic ideas of dental implants and that we will present a recent case during which it's proven that, additionally to placing good implants and having cutting-edge technology, it's necessary for the implant specialist to possess training and knowledge.
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Dental implant treatments are assured of success if three circumstances exist:
1.-Place good implants
2.-Have adequate technology
3.-An experienced dental implant specialist dentist.
At the Dental wellness Clinic within the Bangalore district we provide this treatment with these three conditions.
1- Good dental implants, quality implants
We place good dental implants, quality implants. We expose which implants we place. We've chosen the simplest brands on offer.
We don't limit ourselves to only one implant brand because, from the experience of quite 25 years placing dental implants, we all know which implant is that the best suited for every situation. A fine bone isn't an equivalent as a cancellous bone, an implant during a n aesthetic zone isn't an equivalent as an incisor to an implant in a load zone like a molar.
2- Advanced technology
In reference to technology, the most important thing is to possess a three-dimensional radiographic image that's accurate and allows us to plan the treatment well and make certain that the measurements we observe are the important ones.
In our greatest Dental clinic in AECS layout district of bangalore we've the foremost modern three-dimensional X-ray equipment available today. during this other section you'll have more information
3- Experienced implant specialist
A good dentist with experience in dental implants is that the third point to make certain of getting an honest result.
In the case that we present it's proven that have and training in dental implants is important to unravel complex situations with little bone.
The patient lost a bridge because one among its pillars failed. The emery wheel had to be removed and he was left without grinding wheels. Since he had an infection and was without a tooth for an extended time, he lost most of his bone. From the gum to the dental nerve (a nerve that runs inside the jaw) there was little or no bone.
If we wanted to put dental implants, we had to be very precise. If this nerve is touched or injured, the sensitivity of the lip therein area is affected.
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After the exploration and collecting all the info from the medical record , we make a three-dimensional radiograph.
In this 3-D X-ray (the image you see is simply a really simplified view of the 3-D X-ray) we study the bone, teeth, and dental nerve.
A three-dimensional image is important to form an honest treatment plan. But it's not enough with a traditional three-dimensional image, the standard CT or Scanner. Our dental clinic located within the Salamanca neighborhood, features a team that's designed for the location of implants. The precision of the measurements taken is significant for dental implants to be placed correctly.
With the tools that our radiography team offers us, we draw the dental nerve
We insist that the important thing during this regard is to possess complete assurance that the measurements that the image gives us are really the important ones.
As you'll see, the space from the gum to the nerve (it is that the height of bone available to put the implants) is extremely small. The implant specialist has got to know exactly which implant length to decide on
After knowing where the nerve is, the dental implant expert plans which implants to put.
Our program offers a library of the various implants that are available and after choosing the implant that you simply think is best suited, you select which height and diameter to settle on.
Here is that the second factor for the success of dental implants: choosing good, quality dental implants.
If you attend Dental wellness Clinic, you'll make certain that the materials we'll use are going to be of quality.

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