We youngsters love latest. Latest songs heard. Latest movies reviewed. Latest fashion adopted. Latest news appeared (whether aired, broadcasted or published!). They become our world. Well everybody wants that but it is different with youngsters. We are crazy about them. They become more of flaunting our attitude rather than our awareness. When there was Jammu Kashmir news of Kargil war, we became most patriotic even if not actually feeling the meaning of being one. (Does not knowing a feeling make any difference in this case? Perhaps No.) Finance news is greatest of all attractions when we have to share our knowledge about India’s tremendous GDP growth rate. The only common point regarded is its recentness.

When we really enter a world that revolves around one particular focused thing we feel cornered. Like business management just cannot avoid finance news. Every important or trivial issue is discussed with respect to it. When we have to work 24X7 on such areas we start losing our interest for it. Curiosity is overwhelmed by necessity in cases like. Business can be very demanding at times where one is needed to sacrifice his or her interest to needs.

It may sometimes ignite different liking or response from few others. Things never happen in one single format or lines of expectations or predictions. So we should always be ready to be surprised, most of all from ourselves. Like few people really develop a taste for financial news working long hours with it. Their necessity becomes their routine interest. Their purposes are served by variety of portals and media informing all the recent happenings regarding it. Missing latest news about interested area feels terribly wrong to such people. They never know when and what can impact them and how much unless faced with. How unpredictable we can be sometimes!

One must always be aware about the way he reacts to some situations. Others have a tendency to recognize changes occurring within us more than us, although. Our signatures are more prominent with others. News enriches our life. It even has the power to invoke changes in our signature style. Kind of latest News we subscribe to tells our likings. Finance news is one of them. Even Jammu Kashmir News can be a part of it if we are interested in external affairs of our country. We are defined by the choices we make in life from the options offered generously by our life. This will remain true until we reach our ultimate destiny.

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