Best Yoga Mats for Hot Yoga

Performed in a very humid and hot studio generally, hot yoga is a vigorous form of yoga exercise. Hot yoga can give your cardiovascular system a more intense workout as compared to normal yoga. The temperature of the room is generally set up at 80 to 100 (27-38
Hot yoga may benefit the same as normal yoga however it is a more intense workout. The heated environment can make it all the more challenging and it is advised to avoid hot yoga if you have heart diseases, low tolerance to heat, or heat-related issues in the past like heat-stroke. It is best to not practice hot yoga if you are a pregnant woman. If you have a history of fainting and dehydration issues, you should steer clear of hot yoga.

Hot yoga helps in burning more calories in comparison to traditional yoga exercises and results in some vigorous sweat-sessions. It improves flexibility and strength. Bone density declines with age and hot yoga help in building bone density. Just like traditional yoga, practicing hot yoga helps in reducing stress and relaxes the mind. Regular practice of hot yoga has also been known to ease depression. Hot yoga leads you to glowing skin as all the sweating brings up the oxygen up to the skin leaving it nourished and glowing. Practicing hot yoga is also known to be great for cardiovascular health and increasing metabolism.

However, all your hard work and practice may go in vain and you will not enjoy the workout even a bit if you do not have the proper yoga mat. So, here’s a guide for you regarding what to look for in a yoga mat for hot yoga.


Hot yoga is a messy business. It is all about intensity and sweat. And you do not want to be slipping on the yoga mat while trying to maintain the yoga posture properly. So, always get a non-slippery yoga mat.


Make sure your yoga mat does not lose the grip once it gets wet by all your worked-up sweat. A cork yoga mat is perfect for this as it provides a lot of grips even when it is wet.

Special Yoga Mats

Look for yoga mats that are specifically designed for hot yoga. These yoga mats are different from normal yoga mats as the material and design are specially designed for a hot yoga workout.

Look for a mat that is designed to deal with all the sweat and heat.

Material Used

When getting a yoga mat for hot yoga always check the material of it. Yoga mats with a rubber base and closed cell are ideal for hot yoga as they do not slip while workout and also absorb sweat. The denser the material, the better it is.

Mats with Alignment Marks

Look for yoga mats that come with specific alignment marks. This would be helpful for you in maintaining the posture of the intense asanas.

Price Limit

Specialized yoga mats that are good in quality are generally high-priced. Do not go looking for cheap yoga mats as it would not be worth it at all. Get a reasonably priced yoga mat that stands on all these parameters and would not come in the way of your practice rather would be a part of it.

Keep these factors in mind while getting a yoga mat for hot yoga and enjoy your hot yoga sessions without any issues.

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