Understanding the definition of stress and overcoming anxiety
attack symptoms.

Stress is also used for the word anxiety.

These words are also used to define what we call certain moods.
Moods are normal and natural human emotions and therefore some
levels of stress or anxiety are both normal and natural.

A mood disorder is generally used to describe human emotions
that have become abnormal and/or overwhelming to the extent that
the individual is suffering and their lives are becoming
impacted in negative ways.

Too much stress or becoming "stressed out" may lead to what is
defined as an anxiety attack.

These symptoms may include abnormal amounts of nervous, anxious
feelings related to our basic human emotion of fear.

These feelings often manifest in a rush or surge of negative
emotional excitement and negative feelings that become

Anxiety Attack Symptoms:

These feelings may produce rapid heart beat, elevated blood
pressure, unusual amounts of sweating often release a surge of
adrenal hormones.

Abnormal amounts of anxiety or stress are invariably associated
with fear of loss, fear of failure, fear of consequences or fear
of the unknown.

Anxiety attack symptoms are the result of overwhelming levels of
stress and these feelings are also self created inside the mind
in reaction to worry and fear about circumstances that seem to
have gotten out of control.

Fear of being out of control and fear of the consequences or
fear of failure, these are the fears that produce stress that
can also produce these surges of nervous, anxious feelings of
negative excitement and emotional drama that can become
extremely dangerous to an otherwise healthy person.

Stress is often associated with heart attack, stroke, high blood
pressure and many other serious illnesses.

This site contains a large body of text that will help you
understand and then heal your mood disorders.

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