Practical Mysticism - what is it? Many use the word mysticism (some may even say abused) to define their practice in metaphysical and psychic work, but what is it really.

Mysticsim is discovering your ultimate self reality. Self reality is the relationship of masculine/feminine energy, the mind, and the Universe. To have a relationship with the Universe, you must discover if there is a supreme power that exists and make contact with it. Mysticism in practical terms is the ability to experience a supreme universal being within one's ownself so that you are able to be intuitively guided in all you do and create the life you desire.

The main practice in mysticism is mystical meditation which is where the attempt to make contact with the supreme universal being. The goal is to develop a second sight in order to see into yourself.

We will use a simple candle in the meditation exercise. This is a perfect example of beginning to form the second sight. The second five minutes you will begin, after some practice, to continue to hold the imagery of the flame in your sight even when you close your eyes.

One may also begin to see other after-images from the experience such as clouds of various colors, inner lights, or dimensional images that seemingly have no relationship to the flame. It is important to remember a few things, each image is coming from you sub-conscious mind and originates from somewhere.

Why do we practice this type of meditation in shamanic work? Meditation is foundation work in shamanic work. There are various levels of meditation work from relaxation to self-induced hypnotic states to astral travel.

It has been said that meditation is simply listening, if this is true mystical meditation is hearing rather than simply listening.

Self-Programming or Self-Induced Hypnosis

Self-programming is aimed at placing what you want for consciousness and awareness to be in the sub-conscious mind. Over 90% of all your decision making is done in the sub-conscious mind, thus if you wish to change the basis of your decision making, you must change your sub-conscious mind.

Self-programming can:

shift your relationships with family, friends and co-workers
increase your magnetic energy level
increase optimism for life
better decision making
intuitive guidance instantly
and more opportunities to create effortlessly
Candle meditation

Light a candle and have it approximately 2 feet in front of you. Sit relaxed. Feet flat on the floor. Palms resting comfortably on lap. Inhale deeply and exhale. Each breath focused upon the flame of the candle. Repeat until you can feel yourself drawn by the flame.

Focus your eyes on the flame of the candle with a fixed gaze. Don't wander from the flame. Remain as relaxed as possible, motionless. Try not to tense as focus on the flame. Remain motionless fixed on the flame for 5 minutes (you may want to put a timer on so that you don't focus on anything but the flame)

After the 5 minutes, close your eyes and remain still motionless and breath normally with your focus on your forehead right between your brows for 5 minutes.

Open your eyes once more and again look at the flame but this time without fixing on it. Do this for five minutes.

Now end the meditation by simply closing your eyes, inhaling deeply, and say thank you.

Author's Bio: 

Carla Goddard, Msc.D. is a contemporary Medicine Woman with a background in Metaphysical Sciences. Carla Goddard, Msc.D. is the founder of The Soulvolutional™ Way Coaching Program and We The Women Community