Who Are You?

It’s a deep seeded question that requires some real in depth self assessment. Only YOU can define who you are and you can change at any time!

For this article, we’re going to focus on your associations with other people. By associations we mean who you spend the majority of your time with, because these are the people who influence your thinking. It’s been said that your personality and what you are going to achieve in life is the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. If you don’t like the result, you may have to change your associations.

But changing who you spend time with, does not mean that you need to go out and dump your friends, leave your spouse or quit your job. It’s very common for someone who wants more out of their life to break free from the pack by beginning to follow the people who they find to be more in line with their desired way of life.

So what does this mean for you? How can you begin to associate more with people who can influence your life to move in the direction you want it to go?

It’s pretty simple really. You may want to start by speaking with your closest associations and tell them that you are ready to make a change in your life. Explain to them who you are going to BE and what you are going to DO because of the things you would like to HAVE. You may find out that your close associations also want this same life and are looking for a leader to help them break free from the constraints of their current lifestyle or ways of thinking.

Remember the Tony Robbins quote.

Now I Am The Voice
I will LEAD, not Follow.
I will CREATE, not Destroy.
I will DEFY the ODDS
Step Up.
Step UP!

I’d like to caution you however, that some of your closest contacts may offer you some advice that is not what you want to hear. They may even try to talk you out of following your dreams. It’s not that your friends, family and closest associates don’t want you to succeed; it’s more that they don’t want you to shine a light on their lack of success. There is an old saying that “Misery loves company” but it may be more appropriate to say “Misery Hates To Lose Company” because then they are left all alone feeling miserable about themselves.

So ideally, your closest contacts and associations will all want to jump on board with you and follow your leadership toward the path of success. However, what do you do if they all are perfectly content with staying where they are in life?

You're left with a few options at this point.

First, you can say to them something like "I can appreciate the fact that you don't want to take this new journey with me, so all I'm going to ask is that you provide me with the support that you've always shown me because I'm going to achieve...(Enter Your Reason).."

Or, you could say to them "Just so you know, I'm going to be spending some more time focusing on my .....(Enter your reason)..... and I'd love to have you join me any time if you're interested. I'm looking for some people to help me with this and because I value your friendship, I'd love to have you join me when you're ready."

Or, you can let them know that "You probably won't be seeing much of me in the near future because I've decided that I'm going to focus my attention on .....(Enter Your Reason)..... But I don't want you to think it's because I'm blowing you off. I'm just really at a point in my life where I want to create a better life for myself and I'm going to ......(Enter Your Action)......to make that happen."

Sometimes, people want you to prove to them that it's possible, before they commit to doing it themselves. So do it, and then go back and show them the way.

Whatever you say, unless you feel like the person you've been associating with is simply a complete hindrance to your progress, let them know you want to continue your relationship but your time has just become more valuable because of the books you've just been reading, the audios you've been listening to or the classes you're taking.

Now, I'm not telling you that you should alienate yourself from everyone, climb to the top of a mountain and study the holy grail of whatever subject you want to become passionate about. I'm simply trying to prepare you for the fact that many times when you make the personal choice to live a reality that exceeds your dreams, you need to begin associating with other people who are moving in the same direction and have the same sense of passion and purpose in their lives.

So what does that look like? How do you stop hanging around people that are holding you back and begin being around people who will propel you forward?

One of the simplest ways to do this, is to find groups, networking communities and other social outlets where people talk about, share ideas on and encourage each other to achieve whatever it is that you want to achieve.

You can do this in your local community, or you can join online groups. Join in discussions in chat forums, read blogs, search on google groups, yahoo groups, facebook and other online social networking sites that allow you to join in a group. Of course we feel like the LifeTrax community is by far one of the best online groups available because it is compiled of likeminded people who all want to create a reality that exceeds their dreams.

Whatever you do, be sure that you always remember that in order to grow your finances, your goals, your career and your life, you need to improve yourself. Many times this starts with taking a look at the major influences of your life and deciding if you are going to follow them down the same path you're already on, or lead them down a new path.

We would like to encourage you to be a leader. Be the person that you know you can be and begin to surround yourself with likeminded people through your associations, reading the right books, listening to the right audios and viewing the right videos. There is a ton of useful knowledge out there, you just have to go and get it. You are not who people know you to be, you are who you show people you can be!

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