NBA: Today’s meeting is decisive
A difference of a 3% is the reason why the NBA might missed 2 weeks and 100 games of the regular season, including key opening games such as the Bulls vs the Mavericks on the opening night and the Heat vs the Knicks the following day. This 3% is the difference between the 50% in split revenue the owners are willing to give to the players, whom are not willing to take less than 53% since they enjoyed a nice 57% in the past CBA signed a while back.

The owners don’t like the idea of giving players more than 50%, saying that it is because they suffered quantious losses the previous two seasons, but the players are sticking together, and are willing to miss as many games as necessary in order to reclaim what is theirs.

The two sides got together yesterday for more than 6 hours, and no agreement was reached, and today they will be meeting again in the hopes of putting an end to the negotiations and allowed the season to start on time on November 1st. If nothing good comes out of this meeting, it is almost a fact that NBA fans won’t be able to enjoy a full season on 2011-2012.

Broncos: Tebow to replace Orton as starter
After an awful 1-4 start, the Denver Broncos have decided to pass on the starting quarterback duties to Tim Tebow, mainly because Kyle Orton has struggled a lot during the first games of the team, and also because Tebow’s outstanding performance against the San Diego Chargers on Sunday, in a game that even though ended in a 29-24 loss for Denver, it was enough for coach John Fox to take the decision of handling the QB duties to Tebow, who has long awaited this opportunity since he was chosen by the Broncos in the 1st round of the 2012 NFL draft.

Raiders paid tribute to Davis with victory over Houston
The Raiders paid tribute to the death of their owner Al Davis (82 years old) with a victory over the Texans (one of the best rushing teams at the NFL) by 25-20, and thanks to the win, they are now 3-2 and second at the AFC after the Chargers, who have lost just one game so far. Oakland showed great improvement, especially from players such as Sebastian Janikowski, Rock Cartwright and Michael Huff, all whom were key to the victory of a team that is heading to week 6 with the chance of improving to 4-2 and expect for week 7 and see if the Chargers lose (their bye week in week six) in order to have the opportunity to become leaders of their division.

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