If you look at the statistics, most of the debt relief options have a high rate of debtors who gave up and never finished what they started. This can be caused by a lot of things. It can be due to insufficient funds or they found a better way to pay for their credit obligations. But most of the time, the reason for the unfinished program is discouragement. For some reason, they grew tired of making the effort to pay off the debt because they cannot see any noticeable improvement.

Debt discouragement may seem like a trivial thing but you need to avoid it nevertheless. No matter how strong you start on your debt relief program, it will be for nothing if you cannot finish what you started. While shifting debt relief programs is not illegal, you need to realize that you could be wasting valuable time, effort and money. Why not make the right debt relief decision in the first place and set up debt milestones to serve as your motivation throughout the program.

Knowing your progress and being able to identify how far you’ve come is a great way to finish any project. This is true whether you are using it for business or your debt payments. It allows you to review what you have accomplished so you can see if there are areas for improvement. More importantly, it will help motivate you as you celebrate the small successes that lead you towards your ultimate goal.

Regardless of your methods to reduce your debt, indicate your starting point. Record how much you owe when you started this endeavour. State the date and the amount of your current debt.

As you create your debt payment plan, set up milestones. For instance, it can be a certain percentage of your debt or a specific date or period. It should be something that you can be happy about. For instance, every time you have paid of 25% of your starting debt, make it a milestone. Or every quarter of the year.

The trick is to focus on these milestones as small successes so you feel the progress of your debt relief efforts. Just make sure they are not too far apart nor too close that they become meaningless.

As you reach every milestone, indicate a reward that you will give yourself. It can be a fun activity that you deprived yourself while going through the debt relief program. It can also be a spa treatment to help you relax.

These rewards will be something to look forward to and will help motivate you as you inch your way towards debt freedom.

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