Today life is more digitalize than before. Every piece of data is simple to collect in small but smart devices of iPhones and pads, but its data backup is hard on it in the absence of the internet. True?

Yes, its valid 100%! With excellent qualities of the iPhone, it has a relatively traditional operation system which is of close type. For this reason, the iPhone lacks the flexibility to copy the files offline. And its not able to sync data restore to iPhone.

However, any computer-based iPhone manager like DearMob is a useful source to explore and transfer the content flawlessly. Further, it helps to backup iPhone the kaleidoscopic content that you create instead of an iPhone or iPad or iPod.

DearMob iPhone Manager Introduction

DearMob iPhone Manager is made for seamless iOS/iPadOS data backup and transfer, with handy built-ins to encrypt, convert and selectively restore content from iPhone iPad to computer or from computer to iOS devices. Also, it offers safer and easier for advanced tasks: manually manage music, videos and photos, merge duplicated contacts, and set custom ringtone and more. Specially designed for every client. An easy setup where a user can easily operate it.

Best iPhone Transfer Features You can see in DearMob

* It enables you to backup iPhone full data without iTunes. You can even selectively backup iPhone photos, videos, contacts, iBook, etc.
* It supports files conversion.
Like the photo, not all the platforms support HEIC, and you can use DearMob to convert HEIC to JPEG for viewing. For videos, you can convert Apple unsupported video format to iPhone iPad. Other files, like iBooks, music, ringtones can also be transferred to iPhone iPad. * It has a user-friendly interface where a newbie can easily access it.
* If you need to protect your data, then DearMob enables you to encrypt them with password.
* You can restore your data or you can select some of the items that you want to restore from the previous backup.

Ease of Use

Unlike iTunes, DearMob offers much easier navigation to explore. For the iOS files transfer, you can even drag and drop the files into this program. With so much of ease and flexibility, no other platform is better than DearMob iPhone Manager. It offers everything. You have to try it once. I am sure you will really surprise via its features. It does not include any coding and ads. If you are a newbie then also you can easily use it. It offers a clearly arranged interface that allows you to transfer files by category.

Here you can see, with only three steps, you can transfer all your photos to computer:

Step 1: Go to Photo Transfer section.
Step 2: Choose the Photos.
(DearMob store your photos by day/month/year, you can backup all your photos or selectively choose some of them for backup)
Step 3: Click “Export” to transfer photos without iTunes.

When choosing a good iTunes alternative for Windows, iOS users always consider the speed in files management. DearMob iPhone Manager transfers photos from iPhone to PC very easily. Import and export are well organized. You can easily transfer the photos via computer by Albums/Types. No complication is there in this platform. People easily transfer and it does not create any messy area. It won't erase the existing photos and albums. It will transfer 100 pieces of 4K photos in 8 seconds.

Files Save from Data Loss

It can helpfully restore your data from the backup, whether they are missing due to accidentally deletion or iOS upgrade failure; device damage, locked or forgotten password, device stuck and not responding, unable to synchronize backup; system crash, virus attack, factory reset etc. In case if your device is stolen, you can also get your data back by using DearMob iPhone Manager.

Installation and Platform

As we already discussed that it offers an advanced platform to their customers. You have to visit its official site where you will see how it offers amazing iOS file transfer features to its customers. You have to download the application. It offers DearMob free trial version where users can use its services and it will not be taking too much time for downloading.

Dedicated Team Work

Super responsive customer support is plus point with it, and its team brings updates very frequently, which is also very good. If you find any doubt and query then you can directly contact to its team. They are always ready to help you. You can also give a suggestion to them, they will always appreciate it.

Power Satisfaction

We all need satisfaction, and when you are attached to DearMob iPhone Manager, you will get 100% satisfaction. It will provide you 24*7 service and you will never face any problem regarding anything. If you face any problem then you can contact its expert team.

They always provide you the best answer and suggestion. Also if you will offer any suggestion then also they will listen to you very carefully. If you liked this article then share it on your social networking sites. If you have any queries and suggestion then you can discuss in our commenting section.

At last,I would only say this is our review of DearMob iPhone Manager. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, don’t hesitate to post your comment below.


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