What Are Non Slip Insoles

Shoe like stilettoes and pumps, they are gorgeous to look at but they have a serious problem of sometimes slipping off. This is especially the case with insoles of these shoes that are shiny. This makes them impractical to be worn for partying and places where there are gravel roads. The feet come under real stress to grip the shoe from falling off. In addition to the problem of heel pain by wearing pumps, these shiny shoes are a new kind of torture.

What you can do to reduce this unfortunate situation is to get a non-slip shoe insert that is non-slippery and at the same time cushion your feet. The problem with the inserts that you buy in the market over the counter is that they don’t cater to all sizes. So the next best thing is to make one at home, your very own customized insert.

Make Your Non Slip Insoles

The only ingredients you need are some scrap fabric and glue. If you want cushioning, you can go for it, but if you consider pumps and stilettos, it will be difficult for you to insert cushioned insoles into them. Since these type of shoes comes in a tight fit anyway. So it is better to stick with inserts made of fabric. First you must get some fabric that is not too thin or silky and also not something too thick, they will alter the fit of the shoe. You must place your foot on the fabric and outline the shape with pen or chalk. Then you must cut it out. Once you have repeated it for both feet, you must then place the cut fabric into the shoe. You will realize that there are more adjustments needed. You have to make such alterations with a pen or pencil and proceed to cut them again. You must continue to do this until you have the perfect fit.

Once you are satisfied that the insert is ready, you must then stick with adhesive. But it is better to be in a well ventilated area since the adhesives are generally toxic. You must use the spray adhesive to the tube since this is easier. You have to spray in two parts. Start with the heel, you must first spray and then place the fabric. Then you must spray the second part and place the fabric. After inserting the fabric you have to let it dry for an hour. After they are well dry you must try them on. Now you have the perfect non-slip shoe inserts for your super slippery stilettoes.

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