There are many types of people in the world. Unfortunately, the stubborn ones always seem to make up a major portion of the population. Such is the way of life. However, that doesn’t spell the end of humanity. There are effective ways of dealing with stubborn people.

Now, getting around them is not going to be easy at first. But once you get used to the idea, you’ll find yourself being able to effectively deal with the most relentless people you’ll ever encounter in your lifetime.

If you want to learn the ways of dealing with stubborn people, read on!

1) Treat them with patience… and more patience.

First rule of the game is: Don’t let yourself get mad. Dealing with stubborn people can be a huge pain in the neck, but losing your temper will only fuel their stubbornness even more. The more you close in on them, the more they shut themselves off to other ideas.

On the other hand, patience will help you keep your own innate stubbornness in check. With patience, you’ll be able to present your side of the story to them and hear their own opinions in return. Instead of a battle of wills, you’ll have an open forum which can very likely end on a positive note for both parties involved.

2) Be flexible.

A person can be stubborn sometimes because he is defending his ideas. Dealing with stubborn people means having to be flexible yourself.

If the person wants to eat in an Italian restaurant (and that idea won’t really hurt anyone), let that person have his or her way. In a way, you are setting a good example and assuring that person that you are in no way attacking his suggestions.

3) Avoid being rash.

Stubborn people are also usually very sensitive, so you might want to be a little careful with what you say. Reacting negatively to their ideas - without even hearing the rest of them - will only put you in a difficult situation.

If their ideas don’t exactly fly with you, it would be best to let them down gently. Perhaps you could say something positive about their idea first. Tell them that if the situation were a little different, you would consider it. And that unfortunately, that is not the case now because... Yes, use the word “because” as it will unconsciously make them expect a legitimate explanation.

Dealing with stubborn people is just like trying to get along with children. Sometimes, you have to let them have their way. At other times, you need to turn them down gently.

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