It’s been a long week and you’re super excited about having a night on the town with the girls. Since you hope to meet a nice fella, you dress to impress. Your nails and toes are freshly manicured, and you made sure to be extra articulate with your make-up. Finally, you get to wear the perfect dress that you bought last month, and today you purchased the perfect pair of heels that would turn your outfit into red-carpet attire. You take one last look in the mirror, and then off you go with confidence that will attract your city’s most eligible bachelor. From reading dating advice for women, you are positive that tonight you will be the lady that every guy desires to approach.

You arrive at your destination and stride over to the bar where you hope someone will offer to buy your first glass of wine. You sit on your stool crossing your legs, making sure to keep a friendly smile while you wait for your friends to arrive. Surely someone will approach you within think. But they don’t.

What went wrong? Well this news may surprise you. I know that you intentionally tried to look your best; and you did succeed. However, maybe you looked too good! Funny huh? But true!

It takes a special kind of man to approach a woman with greater-than-average-beauty. This particular man will most likely share quality looks and be use to attention. The only problem is that they are hard to find. When average men see very attractive women by themselves, they assume a couple of things:

• He will most likely get rejected
• She is already taken
• She will most likely brush him off

Of course, most of the time, there will be no validity to these subconscious assumptions, but this is true. Therefore, though you may be the prettiest woman in the room, you have to act as if you haven’t noticed. In other words, make him feel comfortable.

Start by being nice to everyone you see. Do not show much attention to anyone. This will allow for all others to approach you; which is what you want. Men tend to watch women for a while before they go in for the approach. They want to see what you’re like, and also see how many other guys have approached you with success. Remember that all men have a natural competitive trait. This included dating as well.

If they guy you’ve had your eye on does not approach you, try approaching him. Casually walk past him and say “Hello”. If he’s interested he will respond with a “hello” then continue on to ask you a question. If he’s shy, try casually standing by him as if you are looking for someone. This will give him time to build up his confidence to start conversation. Lastly, if he still refuses to make a move, make contact and smile at him. Smiling at a man is subtle and inviting. Visually, you are reassuring him that it’s ok to say ‘Hello’. Remember, men love happy women.


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