Every health magazine, print or online, seems to tout the next miracle speedy weight loss solution as the cure-all for all of our weight issues. Do you recognize any of these?

• The Master Cleanse.
• Daily Detox Tea.
• Juice Fasting.
• Raw Food Only.
• Power Vegetable Soup. (OK – made this one up. Had to put a spin on the cabbage soup one.)

And, naturally, you’ll get some awesome quick weight loss from these programs. However, they’re all short-lived. Once you get back into your standard diet, the pounds slowly creep back on. Then you decide to try another cleanse or diet. For sure, this one will work. You just haven’t found the right one for you. What if I told you that you can go through cleanses, fasts, and diets out the wazoo, and find that none of them are right for you? Here’s what I tell women who are all enthusiastic about a new cleanse or diet they’re trying. Until you detox your emotional world, nothing, as in absolutely NOTHING, will ever stick. I don’t care if you’ve had a 20 lbs. weight loss from a diet or you’re eating all the whole foods in the world, food is only secondary to that miracle you’re searching for through the weight loss and food detox.

What if you applied the same fervor that you do to the food detox and diets and decided to do daily emotional detoxes as quick fixes for a variety of moods, including depression, anger, agitation and fear? These daily detoxes are truly quick fixes to help you live the life you want to and will dramatically improve your health. Weight loss will most probably be another benefit! Here are some fun and easy ways to sneak in a daily emotional cleanse to take the ante up in your life:

• Embrace pillow talk. No, not the kind where you snuggle up with your loved one. This is the kind where you let your wild woman come out in a different way. Prop the pillow up on a firm surface. Pound away at the pillow with your fist or a stick. Hurl out all the language you want to. (Obviously, this works best when you’re alone.) Scream if you need to. The whole point is to physically release any pent up emotions. Go as long as you need to. This might feel awkward in the beginning, but when you continue to repeat it on a regular basis, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try it out before!

• Ink your stink. Journaling is one of the best ways to get out all your stuff. If you don’t have one, this is a must have in a modern day woman’s self-care tool kit. It can create miraculous shifts in your life. Your journal can be your sounding board. Get everything out, without any censoring whatsoever, on those pages in front of you. Even if the words are the nasty or hurtful. Suppressing them will not make them go away. If you so horrified by them, you can always burn the pages afterward or let them disintegrate in your compost pile.

• Wash away your worries. In our fast-paced and eco-conscious lives, we’ve moved away from something wondrous that our mothers and grandmothers understood. Taking a long hot bath with Epsom salt and specific essential oils can move you into a state of relaxation better than any glass of wine! Plus, the magnesium in the Epsom salt can help with digestive distress and fatigue. You also gain the benefit of a natural detox and soothing of your sore muscles. Treat the bath as a mini spa retreat with some great music, herbal tea, glass of lemon water and poof all the emotional and physical toxins go done the drain afterward.

• Knock on Nature’s door. With the shift into Autumn you have some pretty wonderful tools right out there in Nature to help you move some of your emotions right back into Mother Earth. Fallen dead branches for one. Grab one and pound some dirt. You can follow a similar approach as with the pillow talk. I just always suggest that clients ask Mother Nature for permission first and thank her afterward. Then how about raking those fallen leaves. While you’re raking and collecting the leaves, imagine them as those old dried out emotions or stories you’ve been holding on to. You then take them out back to dissolve within Nature or you kick them to the curb for pick-up. And gone they are!

You’ll find that when you apply some of these daily detoxes on a consistent basis, you’ll no longer be a seeker of those quick fix diets. I always tell women to get on a feel good diet and not a food diet. When you feel good about yourself, this spills over into all aspects of your life: health, relationships, money and career. Naturally, eating well is an important factor. However, the emotions need to be brought whole before the wonderful aspects of a whole food diet can take hold!

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Marion Chamberlain helps women that are always "desperately seeking" something learn what it is and how to claim it. Visit her website for more information on her spiritual coaching program that allows you to experience freedom, connection, and independence. http://marionchamberlain.com/krafting-with-marion/