Counter striker global offensive is a team-based first-person shooter game. It was launched in 1999 and got popular because of its unique features. It is a multiplayer game in which two groups of people go against each other.
CSGO is a game of terrorists and counter strikers in which they have to against each other in each round. CSGO is a round-based game and the team who wins more rounds becomes the winner at the end. On winning each round the teams, and the player individually get rewarded with rewards in the form of dollars and weapons. With the help of dollars, the player can shop CSGO accounts and weapons to make their win easy and comfortable.
CSGO consists of maps, weapons, and different characters. And the map present in CSGO gets updated with new versions like an inferno, train, and dust. These are the different versions of maps in CSGO, and they get updated as soon as the player reaches a higher level in the game.
In CSGO the players can buy CSGO accounts and it is usually possible when they reach the second level of the game. When the player wins 20 matches in a row they move to the next level and on reaching the second level of the game the CSGO players get capable of buying accounts.

Modes of CSGO

CSGO is a game of modes and it consists of nine modes. Each mode has it owns characteristics and features, but in each mode, the main objective of the teams is to kick each other out at the end of every round. The teams of CSGO are divided into terrorist’s team and counter striker team.
In each mode, the main goal of a terrorist team is to plant the bomb and keep the hostages in their vicinity. While on the other hand, the counter striker team has to prevent the plantation of the bomb, and if it is planted successfully then they have to defuse it before it explodes. Also, they have to defend the hostages.
In most of the modes, the game is based upon five rounds, and the one who wins more rounds wins the game. Some of the most common modes of CSGO are:

1- Competitive Mode

It is one of the classic modes of CSGO and this mode puts the counter striker team on the map. Both the team consists of five members in this mode, and they went against each other in each round. There are almost 30 rounds in competitive mode and the team who wins 16 rounds first became the winner of competitive mode.
In this mode, the players have to buy weapons, bomb defusing kits, and rescue kits to increase their chances of victory. Also, they have to maintain their in-game economy which is a key factor in getting successful throughout this mode. The team that wins 16 rounds of either hostage rescue or bomb dominates the match.
If the players are starting from silver 1 in this mode Then with unique skills and competitive attitude they can get to Global Elite level by the end of this mode.

2- Wingman Mode

In this mode, players can acquire Skill Group elite to Wingman and go utilizing the Competitive ruleset of bomb defusing. Players can purchase weapons and armors for their protection of the bomb site or make the plantation of the bomb successful in the region of counter strikers.
It can be done by a single player, or he or she can join a group of friends for this purpose that will help in doing his task successfully. It is a 2v2 best-of-16 mode for a single site in which the bomb is supposed to be planted.

3- Casual Mode

If you are not readying for the match of 30 rounds matches and are wishing to play some counter striker stuff alone then this mode is for you. It is a simple model of drop-in and drop-out game in which the players play at their speed.
In causal mode, the players naturally get their defusing kit, rescue kit, and armor. The damage to the team is turned off in it and the player can go on with a simplified economy of money in it. It is not hard playing in this mode but if one gets proficient in it then they can join any game and can start mastering the fundamentals of CSGO.

4- Death Match Mode

It is a quick-moving Casual game mode that permits supports fast commitment and also permits the moment re-spawns. When the players are done with spawning they have a limited time for buying something of their choice especially the weapon and the armor. Also, they can engage their enemy for only a restricted period.
In this mode the players with awarded rewards when they kill their enemy with a particular weapon. They get extra points on using a specific weapon and on gaining bonus points they can re-spawn and then can return to the battle again.

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