Crystals have always been admired by humans because of their immense mystifying beauty. These have been used as told for healing health and disorders. Also, they have been used as good luck charms as talismans. For believing in crystal healing therapy one has to believe that there are energy centres (the auras and chakras) in our body that controls the health and mind.

These therapies concentrate on the whole individual rather than some physical symptoms. The aim is to restore and rejuvenate balance, well-being, and health of the body and soul of the person. Like amethyst is useful in case of acne, moonstone is useful for insomnia; agate is used for ulcers and quartz (colourless) for kidneys.

Crystal healing therapy involves using of high vibrational crystals onto the body. These high vibrational crystals emit different energy grids and patterns around the body. The key principle is to get calmness through a meditative mode in the whole process for the healing to work.

Meditating using these crystals, some patterns have been identified over the years and also since ages which helps us to get a subjective knowledge about these crystals. This knowledge has branched out into many fields such as Birthstones, healing therapies, crystal magic spells and interpretation of dreams using crystals.

The popularity of crystal healing therapies is on the rise and is now recognised worldwide. Now even institutes are coming up to develop and train person as a crystal healer. As more and more people are dissatisfied with the modern medicines, people are more tentative to move into this field.

Quartz crystals are amongst the most widely known crystals in the world. These are known to balance the energy field in the body through the entry points of the assemblage. These are amongst the most versatile crystals and are available in many different colours. People generally associate each colour with some Chakra. Quartz, being a very good conductor of electrical charges, it conducts Auric energy very well.

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