Creativity: Is the action of combining previously uncombined elements, of inventing. Creativity involves the conversion of our ideas and thoughts into an external reality that is new and useful. The more we define our creativity by focusing on values, meanings and constructive goals, the greater the chance that our creativity will be healthy and powerful.

My wife and I live on the sixth floor of an apartment building. Our suite is on the top floor and we have two beautiful decks. One faces south, at treetop level, and provides a glorious view of the skyline of downtown Toronto. The 1,815 foot-tall CN Tower is a focal point. On that deck, we built a beautiful greenhouse that is filled with over three hundred plants. I spend many hours each week working in my garden and enjoying myself there.

This morning, as I was watering, fertilizing and pruning, I had a series of very exciting thoughts. I have a lot of fun thinking, imagining and creating.

In two months I will celebrate my 65th birthday. And I do mean celebrate! I think I have always looked forward to birthdays. When I began to think about my birthday, I thought about the number ‘65’, which I then doubled in my head. This gave me 130, which I further divided by ten, and that equaled 13. Thirteen then became associated with Bar Mitzvah. Then I thought Bar Mitzvah means “Son of the Covenant” and that a covenant is an agreement, a contract.
I put down my watering can, took a few breaths, thought about how fortunate I am in general and then how fortunate I am specifically. I thought about my wonderful wife, our children, our beautiful granddaughter, our families and our friends.

I then thought about my past, the present and the future, all in a flash…

And I decided to re-dedicate myself to my life plan and update it with some new specific creations….

From this moment forward:

1. I dedicate myself to becoming more and more aware of my impact on myself and all those in my life.
2. I dedicate myself to holding myself accountable and treating myself with kindness as I continue to strive to be a healthier, more responsible and kinder human being.
3. I dedicate myself to continuing to invest the required energy required to converting problems into challenges and challenges into opportunities in my life.
4. I dedicate myself to being a role model: helping, sharing and serving in any way that I can.
5. I dedicate myself to openness and learning for all the days of my life.

Sixty-five is what I will be; one-hundred thirty is what I have created as what I look forward to. The numbers are significantly less important than the excitement that the thought, the creation and the meaning of them do for me.
Create Momentum in your life by tapping into the power of your mind and your creativity. Think it, ignite yourself, stay with it and achieve it.

Author's Bio: 

Hi, I’m Joel Simms, also known as Dr. Mo. Over my forty-year career, I have done many things. Prior to my 20 years developing the Human MoMentum approach, I spent 20 years in the Organizational Dynamics and Marketing Consulting fields. My work experience spans industrial products, retail and health services.

In 1991, I returned to my first love, psychology, exploring the relationship between thinking, feeling and behaviour and established an active private consulting practice. My formal training includes an undergraduate degree in Science (B.Sc.) and graduate degrees in Organizational Behaviour and Business (MBA) and Psycho-educational Psychology (Ph.D.).

I am married, the father of three adult children and the proud grandfather of a beautiful grand-daughter, Lilly.