Attracting new customers has never been an easy task. We all know what it takes to gain and maintain loyal customers, but that doesn’t mean is something impossible to achieve. Engagement is crucial for any type of business no matter how small or new that might be. As you already know, proper content is what adds value to your reader’s life. It certainly takes consistency, creativity and shared effort from everyone in your marketing team and oftentimes it can be a draining and long-lasting process.

Even though for many companies out there to create valuable content is highly demanding and thought-provoking, those who thrive find that it is worth the effort. Thus, no matter what type of content you choose to put out there, whether in the form of pictures, explainer videos, songs, blog posts or infographics, here are a few ideas for generating more engagement and increasing your audience.

 Establish a Clear and Unique Brand Identity  

E clear identity will communicate your future customers what your business is, stands for and does. As soon as you’ve identified your company’s purpose and what it represents, you need to develop a suitable name, colours, logo and suitable imagery that will easily convey your message to future customers. To make your company’s logo more engaging and appealing to your customers, we highly recommend you to hire a freelancer or even collaborate with a recognized agency. Getting someone else to develop your brand’s logo may be costly but this will offer your company a more professional appearance.

In today’s social media, a clear and unique brand identity is crucial for your online audience engagement. As you know, social media platforms are some of the most crowded places where people constantly reassess what they want and what they don’t want within their social platforms. For this reason, your marketing team should work diligently so your organization can develop a unique and appealing brand identity that will stand out.

Know Your Customers

Audience engagement is often determined before you even start posting something. Knowing your customers is important if you want to increase engagement. Before planning to post a clever story or share contents, you’ll need to get into your audience head before you develop a social media routine. Simply put, your audience will always control what they want to see from your business social media account.

As mentioned, in order to engage with your audience, you must spend time getting to know your customer’s desires and needs. Pay attention when a customer complains about something and use social media as a solution to their problems.

Learning how to better listen to your customers will increase your chances on the market, thus you’ll have better engagement.

Grab Attention Using Explainer Videos

Using creative ways to increase your audience, sharing positive and enjoyable content is a great way if you want to build an organic following. Because the social media scenery is constantly changing, the marketing strategies are changing as well. One of the best-looking and effective marketing strategies are explanatory videos. There are multiple types of explainer videos, starting from life action explainer video, animated and whiteboard explainer video.

If compelling your own explainer video seems complicated you can always rely on a professional production team to create a valuable and suitable video that will make your brand stand out. An explainer video is a promotional video explaining your brand’s services and products. If you’re looking for a creative way to promote your brand and better engage with your target audience, explainer videos are exactly what your business needs.

Develop a multichannel approach

A few years ago, Twitter has become one of the most suitable social media platforms for marketers’ from all over the world. Shortly after the unexpected success they had with Facebook, Instagram has shockingly brought marketing to a whole new level.

As mentioned by many social media marketers, focusing on a single social platform won’t bring you much wanted-result. Thus, a better way to increase engagement with your target audience would be to develop a multichannel approach.

It’s dangerous to focus all of your attention and energy on a single social platform, instead, you should use a multi-channel approach to grow an understanding of your audience. Your audience may use a variety of networks for all kinds of purposes, a reason why you should concentrate your strengths on finding out who likes what, and ensure that each of your social media platforms are developed in a way to encourage people to follow your brand.

Monitor and respond quickly to engagement

Social media platforms often rely on algorithms to decide what content is displayed obviously and what is hidden. For instance, Instagram and Facebook depend on “engagement” as an essential aspect in determining which content should and should not be displayed.

However, when it comes to social engagement, comments play a major role. Why is it so? Posts that get the most comments are often shared more prominently on a social media platform and on other social pages like Instagram’ s Explore page.

To get the most out of your audience and boost engagement, is to use meaningful ways that will encourage your target audience to better engage with your brand. For that, you can use a social media monitor which will constantly answer and engage with people’ needs at the moment.

In other words, rushing your reactions to the comments will encourage your users to better engage with your page’s content. Take a look at successful companies and their social media platforms. How fast they answer? How do they do it? What means do they use to increase their audience?

When it comes to your target audience, a quick, easy explanation of what your products solve a problem is what people need, so take into consideration this strategy before throwing yourself on other expenses.

Social media world keeps changing so you and your marketing tactics should. However, developing a multi-channel media strategy, constantly monitoring your audience and sharing creative content is sure—way to success.  


Author's Bio: 

Cynthia Madison