Human Potential and the innate capacity of human beings to develop and evolve, is seeing an influx of new thought creating exciting new possibilities and new ways of looking at life. Cyberspace is now the medium where this message is delivered immediately and globally. Spiritual growth in the twenty first century has been completely revolutionised with the advent of technology. As a result of this, new tools and technologies are enabling us to improve the old familiar paradigms by creating new and exciting ways and methods in our personal spiritual practices.

One of the better examples of technological developments having an impact on spiritual practices, would be in the area of creative visualization. Creative visualization prior to technological developments required a quiet place, the right mind set and the ability to focus on the images that were desired. Often it was, and is, challenging to get the place and the conditions just right.

Of course when we think of modern technology and its contribution to creative visualization we think of tools like vision boards, photo images and graphics that are used to enhance the practice. Creative visualization in the twenty first century has transcended the once disciplined mental states required that were used in the past. The practice now has less mystique and barriers to entry.

In the twenty first century we have visual and audio technologies that have redefined the creative visualization experience. With the continued developments in mobile communications, it means we can now download and upload content from anywhere around the world. Advances in technology means we all have at our disposal new and improved ways of approaching our spiritual and self development.

Technology has focused on creating software for example, that has created visualization and affirmation packs specifically designed to provide a complete visualization experience. These packages provide affirmation and video images complete with a soundtrack that ultimately end up being like your own personal movie. In other words, you can create your own packaged visualization experience as such. Visualization when applied in these movie software packages becomes unbelievably focused and powerful. The added benefit is that they are viewable at anytime and in any state of conscious awareness.

The technological revolution is demonstrated perfectly in the way these technologies have turned ancient spiritual methods on their head. Even subliminal software and binaural beat technology is used in these technologies, so your experience can be at a time and at a level of conscious awareness that you choose.

Technology continues to give and gift us with incredibly powerful and proven techniques to enhance our spiritual disciplines and practice. Creative visualization is just one of many areas that has been improved considerably by developments in these areas. Further research is the key in maximising your own spiritual growth and development. Embrace technology and what it has to give. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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