Have you ever noticed how wonderful it feels to come home to a clean house, especially when you've been gone on a long trip and are good and ready to sleep in your own bed? There's a certain refreshing feeling to walking into a space that's perfectly organized, dust free, and scrubbed sparkling.

While we know it as simply "cleaning house," ancient traditions have long valued the process of creating sacred space. Going deeper than the cleansing, the Asian practice of feng shui changes the flow of energy in a room by rearranging the objects within it.

Housedwellers benefit from a positive energetic alignment, according to feng shui practitioners. On the other hand, clutter in particular corners of a house can clog the flow of vital energy and cause. certain life problems - prosperity, health, relationships, work, etcetera.

While you may not understand the complicated principles of feng shui, you can probably relate to feeling scattered, frustrated, and frazzled when your home or office are in disarray. Space around us affects our inner feelings deeply...

Consider for a moment that everything we perceive as solid is really full of giant holes. You can rearrange the atoms in a human body to fit on the head of a pin if you take out all the imperceptable (to the human eye) spaces in between.

Our bodies are full of space, and not just the microscopic holes between atoms. We often look at our bodies in terms of planes: this is my front, this is my back, this is the front of my leg and this is the side of my arm. Here is my face, it's on the front of my head. My hair is on the back of my head.

Rarely do we stop to think about the space within ourselves. We are three dimensional beings. Your leg is more than a thigh and a hamstring; you have space in the middle, a core.

If rearranging the space around can have such a profound effect on ease and flow in our lives, what a difference it can make to rearrange the space within our bodies!

You've probably heard the old adage that if you're feeling blue, you should paste a smile on your face, and it will lift your mood. Well, the same is true about every movement you make with your body.

Did you know that 97% of communication is non-verbal? 97%!! That means that only 3% of what you're projecting out to the world are the words coming out of your mouth.

If your shoulders are slumped forward, your head down and eyes on the ground, you're telling the whole world, "Hey! I'm depressed, sad, and discouraged!." The law of attraction being what it is, the more you project the "depressed" vibe, the more things the universe sends you to be depressed about!

Consequently, when you change the arrangement of the spaces within your body, you change the message you're broadcasting to the universe. Not only do you begin to feel healthier, more energetic, youthful, and vibrant, but other people notice the glow around you. They start to want to help you. Amazing opportunities come your way, and your whole life begins to shift.

It starts from within.

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