You are at the start of your coaching experience, you know that to serve your clients you need to have a “coaching package” but you have no idea where to start. Let me show you exactly how…

Here we go...

In the early stages of your coaching career, you're still exploring what you want to offer, which problem(s) you can help your clients solve... and it may be the first time you're in business. After 500 hours of coaching, it's easier to identify a pattern, a niche.. even an avatar.

So, in the early days, one of the most challenging things you'll have to do is find new people to coach. Your marketing is not on point yet... you're not too sure who your "niche" is... let alone your avatar. You don't have a movement yet.

To run a successful practice / business you'll need to achieve the following 3 things:

1- Get more clients

2- Serve your clients in more than 1 way

3- Keep them with you for as long as you can serve them in a beneficial way to them

Today, I want to focus on no 2: Serve your clients in more than 1 way

It's a challenge to get clients... so let's have a look at what we can do to retain the ones we have.

Here's my suggestion. It's a 101 packaging suggestion... and it will make a big difference to your moral and your hip pocket, especially if you are not enjoying the "selling" aspect of your new adventure yet.

Instead of selling individual coaching sessions... here's what my clients do:

- In the first coaching session with a new client, they position that at the end of the session, if they can help the person, they will make them an offer. The offer is one of their coaching packages.

Now, how do you structure a coaching package?

ROI (return on investment): Get clear on what it is that people could achieve by opting in to your package e.g.: Live a more relaxed and connected life. The ROI will be specific to the person you are coaching, as you are still offering a 1/1 service


What will they get? Coaching sessions with you 1/1

Later on... other packaging options could include the following: invitation to a group workshop, access to an online course, a copy of your book, etc...

Duration and frequency:

Here is an example--> You will have 1 individual coaching session per fortnight for the coming 8 weeks, so a total of 4 sessions. Your first session will be the 20th of June and your last session will be the 20th of August. The sessions are 45 minutes.


If your rate for 1 session is $175... then the rate of 4 sessions, paid in advance, should be something like $600, so there's an incentive to sign up, and pay in advance, for 4 sessions. And getting paid in advance is the whole point of offering a package; you only have to sell once to secure 4 (or more) coaching engagements.

If your client wants to work on big and deep issues, you may offer them an 8 session package.


This is where you both make a commitment to show up, on time, at the time and date that you agree to, at sign up time.

For example: You are blocking your Monday 10h30 to 11h30 time slot for them, on date 1, date 2, date 3 and date 4.

If the client doesn't show up... you have 2 options: The session still counts and there are only 3 coaching sessions left... or you can "allow" for 1 session to be postponed in case of emergency.

So, coaches, does this make sense? Was this helpful?

How are you currently packaging your 1/1 offer? Would love to read your thoughts.

Big caring hugs Rockstars!
Nat Binette

Author's Bio: 

Nat Binette is a business mastermind, a startup and profitability expert, an income-stream-creation authority. She specializes in delivering measurable impact for people and businesses offering services.

Nat transfers her techniques to Coaches, Consultants and Subject Matter Experts for them to get paid, very well, for their services. Nat has been personally responsible for $21M in service sales over the span of her career and has built a million-dollar business in the last 12 months; her 3rd business venture to reach 7 figures per year in income.

She is an expert at identifying and creating income streams, leveraging her clients' time and capturing their legacy of contribution by packaging the clients’ expertise into world-class educational resources.
She has personally mentored 260 of the world’s most profitable coaches and consultants.

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