The senses are defined as the physiological methods of perception. As the senses take in information, we are connecting those perceptions to memories, knowledge pools and experiences that have been accumulated over our lives.

As our world speeds by our ability to actually take in things by our senses has been diminished. We are often on sensory overload and our senses are short circuited and often numbed to the nuances of our experiences.

Do we taste the salad we are having for lunch, while we are responding the the growing pile of emails? Do we hear the violin concerto that we have on in the car as we zoom across town while talking on the cell? Do we feel the foot rub as we sit reading the magazine while we are getting the pedicure? Do we notice the beauty of the hawk gliding over the golf course as we network for more business? Statistics say no, we are not conscious to our senses and hence we are cheating our selves of creative energy that is waiting to be unleashed.

Work is being done at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Maryland. Part of their work is focused on looking at how the senses are connected to healing and how we are able to leverage the information from our senses to fuel creativity.

In a recent study on color perception, it was clear that as we are increasingly barraged with images our agility to perceive nuances in color may either be numbed or highly refined. The notion of consciousness vs autopilot comes into play.

We hear our selves say, “I need to tune in.” What we mean is get in touch with our perceptors. Connect our processing brains with the information receptors we are blessed to have.

There are many expressions around the ability of our senses to inform us. Statements like, smell fear, feel tension in the room, or a sense of peace.

Each of these is dependent on our decision to tune our brains to our senses. Allowing conscious connection to bring new information via the nuanced world of our senses is a choice, is driven by consciousness.

Over the past fifteen years, I have worked to create environments and experiences that support personal exploration, creativity and ultimately change. I have learned the being conscious of the nuances is critical to fully engage the creative spirit.

Working to bring an awareness of the senses through consciously helping ourselves to taste, see, hear, and feel, by introducing real physical experiences that enliven the senses is of the utmost importance if we are to create from the depths of our selves.

Creating spaces to open the creative energy to all that is possible is where I seek to create....creating a space where our minds and hearts are open and flexible to intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically explore every facet of our lives imbued with a spiritual grace.

When we creating these spaces, we are connected to God in a ways we are often not aware. The physical experience of the flavors, the smells, and total stimulation of every part of your brain is enough to create anything we want within our minds eye. With this deep level of creativity we are able to create cohorts of people who also seek to share common experiences and build meaningful relationships.

We have the opportunity leverage creativity and spirit in ways we never understood as possible. When we ignite the sense through taste, touch, smell and sound we are opening memory and knowledge channels that unlock insights, ideas and innovations that have been laying dormant, waiting to be engaged with.

It is through igniting the intention of the senses, our creative spirits are brought to life and aligned with our intellect and emotion. Many nuro-pathways are aligned and crisscross through sensory awareness. As they are engaged with, each sense begins to awaken pathways that have been laid down and deepened in many unique ways by other senses.

Our knowledge core is based on the layering of experiences that are derived from various sensory experiences. Each bit of knowledge is filed away and additional bits of information and date get added to the files that have a relationship to it. It is as though file upon file is created and as a relevant piece of information is acquired it is duplicated and stuck in the folder with the thought that came before it. Hence creating a myriad of over lapping data files that are actually yearning to be connected and leveraged.

From this space of connection, we are able to change all aspects of our communities, education, business, and our environment to name a few. If we do not as a community, gather to create our new economy, who will? I believe in the creative process to evolve our physical, spiritual and intellectual evolution.

Author's Bio: 

Florence Haridan, owner of Gathering Coaching Consultancy, is a certified coach, author and motivational speaker. Gathering runs a FREE monthly event BUSINESS VOICES to help professionals grow. She is in the process of Launching her book "Who's Helping Who?" In July 2010 with an interactive installation in Butterfield Too, one of the hottest Galleries in Saint Augustine, Florida.

Those who know Florence have considered her creative since the day she held a Crayola. Or should we say, the day she started melting them, chopping them up, mixing them. She never saw it as just a crayon — it was a way to express herself and her ideas.

From creating murals for plays in the neighborhood as a child, to developing an employee recognition program, to hosting a bi-monthly creativity dinner party, she brings imaginative types together to see what happens…usually great things! Florence personally enjoys the iterative process and is seen as highly collaborative. She brings this approach into every aspect of how she runs her business, her workshops and her life. These experiences have moved her to bring people together in new ways and is why gathering was born.

Florence knows a creative outlet is critical to growth, be it art, music, cooking, a garden. Each of us is fueled by the creative spirit whether or not we understand or recognize it. Florence’s goal is to nurture the creativity in all those around her.

Florence has led and supported branding, design, advertising and e-commerce initiatives for some of the largest companies in the world, including Citibank, The Home Depot, Sears, American Express, Fidelity, J&J and AT&T. Her experience ranges from product development and launch, to realignment and revitalization, all of which have helped Florence develop her big-picture vision. This is one of her greatest skills. She is able to step back and understand many levels and languages with varying degrees of complexity.

Florence has also successfully run small and large teams for companies such as McCann Direct, Grey Advertising, AT&T and Citibank. She has been an artist her entire life, managing and supporting teams of artists, designers, writers and photographers. She has a keen respect for the creative process and embraces the notion that each individual has a unique way of getting things done. Florence believes it is through this personal process that one achieves the greatest flow. Her work focuses on helping individuals articulate, accept and leverage.

While still at Citibank, Florence attended The Coaches Training Institute, a school accredited by the International Coaches Federation (ICF). She received her certification as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC). Florence chose to complete the certification process, because she believes in and supports the philosophy that coaching is a profession. She believes the skills and personal exploration acquired by training, augments and supports life experience.

Florence served as the President of the First Coast Coaches Association (FCCA), the local chapter of ICF for two years and continues to support their mission. She manages a free monthly event called “Experience Coaching”, which allows individuals to learn about and experience coaching in a safe and energetic environment.