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Dear Ones,

Let us return to a message we provided some time ago, but is pertinent to the energies of today. Not all of you will be moving at the same pace or in the same time frame. More importantly, not all of you will be creating the same type of life.

Joy has so many connotations. To some, joy is watching their grandchild grow into an adult. To others, joy is money to buy whatever they want and to still others, joy is merely peace and contentment within the life they have already created.

Each of you has different needs and directions. Much like the birds who wake you on beautiful sunny mornings, each of you sings a different tune. But the harmony of those different tunes creates a melodious harmony that warms your heart and fills you with joy. And so it is with your direction and your purpose. No two people are likely to create the same life.

In the Old Age, most people hoped for the same type of life - even if that life was not what they wanted, but was what society taught them to want.

You now are able to create what you want, when you want it. But not everyone will want the same lifestyle. Do not forget to include your individuality in the equation. How boring it would be if all birds warbled the same tune day in and day out - a bit like "elevator music" - music that distracts but is not noteworthy. And so it is with your lives now. It is time to create your own song.

It is time to spread your wings in wonderment and joy. No longer do you need to limit your paint box of life to the one or two colors dictated by your society. It is time to add deep purple, lime green and vibrant orange. It is time to paint a life as vibrant as displayed by the neon colors of the 1960's and 1970's. There was a reason those colors were so energizing and fun - you were thinking about your uniqueness. That need has not gone away, it has merely been dormant for the last 40 years.

Now it is time to fly, to do "your thing" in any fashion that feels right. Does that mean living in a beat-up trailer in the desert? Maybe. Does that mean living in a mansion on a mountaintop? Maybe. It means whatever strikes your fancy.

In the 1960's and 1970's, did you limit your dreams and thoughts? Of course not, you followed your thoughts to a logical or even silly conclusion. You just did whatever felt right; not knowing exactly where those thought processes would lead, but knowing they were right.

Such is the time again. Only now you baby boomers have an understanding of your strengths, interests and more importantly, of your world. You are no longer feeling the need to rebel just to rebel. You have reasons for your movements.

Perhaps those reasons are not as clear as you would like now - but they soon will be. Much more so than was true when you felt the need to be a "flower child" forty years ago. Then, you just thought it was "cool" to be different. You had no overall image of what you were creating or why. Now you do. You are moving into joy for a reason and that reason is to introduce those generations that follow to a life of joy and peace.

We will again remind you that joy no longer means following rules that make others happy - anymore than it did in the 1960's and 1970's.

You are now feeling the need to break out of the restrictions of society. That is the New Age calling. But now - unlike the 1960's and 1970's - you know why. You could have moved into the New Age during that time. But as a group you, baby boomers, opted to observe your parents' rules from within and to compare them to the freedoms of your youth.

You have completed that observation phase and you have overwhelmingly agreed to return to those youthful freedoms. All that is stopping you or slowing you down from that exciting, unique freedom adventure are the "shoulds" of society that you have accepted for the last forty years.

"Shoulds" are no more. You have completed that phase. It is time to once again paint in large, bright strokes. Only this time, you are doing so with the maturity you did not have in the 1960's and 1970's.

You are a unique individual - even though you are part of the whole.

Think of yourself as one cell of the fingernail group, others of the hair cell group and still others of the blood cell group. You each have unique roles for one body. If you tried to play a role not correct for you, the overall body would not function correctly.

So it is with your life today. It is time to paint your life in bold, vibrant colors. Colors that declare who you are and what role you play in the overall scheme of the Universe. It is time to throw those safe colors, those safe actions out the window and declare your independence, your spirit, your joy. Paint your vibrant canvas in whatever fashion feels right for you - not for your society, your family or your friends - but for you. So be it. Amen.

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