Sending greeting cards is a tradition which has managed to survive the rise of digital and electronic communication. Despite the ease with which it is now possible to communicate using text messages, emails or tweets, there’s still something especially effecting about someone going to the trouble of selecting a card on your behalf, and the same is true of the entire range of personalised photo gifts.

Choosing greeting cards to give to friends and family at special times of the year is often a case of trying to avoid the obvious. After all, it’s the easiest thing in the world to find a Christmas card with a picture of a reindeer on it, for example, or an photo card sporting a cute bunny rabbit. The same is true of one off events. How many little boys have opened a card only to be confronted with an image of a footballer, a racing car, or someone angling from the banks of a river? Whilst any card will be gratefully received in as much as it demonstrates a degree of care and thought, it is possible to go beyond these generic, clichéd choices and show that you’ve really thought about the recipient by creating your own personalised greeting cards.

By creating the card yourself, you get the opportunity to choose exactly which image is resplendent on the front of it. It may be a personal photograph of deep emotional meaning to the recipient, or an image of a place which you know to be one of their favourite beauty spots. You could, on the other hand, choose to utilise a picture of a subject which you know they have a keen interest in – a particular sporting event, for example, or a hobby based image. If it’s a card which is intended for a time of the year such as Easter, you may wish to use a picture of your own children scoffing their way through last year’s Easter eggs, or a nature shot which captures the fact that this particular celebration is strongly linked to the end of winter and the arrival of warmer spring days.

The prevailing mood is one of flexibility – no matter what the event or time of year, when you’re putting together personalised greeting cards you can pick and choose exactly what you like, and the techniques used to turn your images into photo cards are so simple that they require nothing in the way of previous experience, skills or training. All you need to do is upload the relevant picture to the website, and then follow the step by step instructions laid out by the specially designed software, choosing options such as the size and shape of the card, and taking advantage of the chance to do things like add your own text, or have the cards printed as photo postcards. No matter what choices you make, the finished item will be of the very finest quality, boasting materials and production techniques designed to bring the very best out of your personal imagery.

Making your own greeting cards is now almost as simple as buying them, and the same ease of use applies to producing anything from the whole wide range of personalised photo gifts that are available. All of the finished products will be as professional as anything you’d buy in the shops, and as personal as something you’ve made yourself.

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