$60 million! If you are wondering what does this amount denote? It refers to Glovo’s planned investment in the African continent. The Spanish-origin delivery platform is set to expand its business operation in Ghana and Tunisia over the period. Entrepreneurs can also get their foothold in the digital economy. Wonder how? You can hire an app development company to create a Glovo clone.

Why is a Glovo Clone ideal for business growth?

  • Since its launch in Barcelona in 2015, Glovo is crossing new heights with every passing day. The on-demand delivery app operates across 24 countries. Similarly, a Glovo clone platform contains features and functionalities apt for launching a quick commerce business.
  • Techpreneurs can control all the business operations right at their fingertips. They can monitor the activities of delivery executives and the operations of retail partners (fast food outlets, medical shops, liquor outlets, restaurants etc).
  • Besides that, a Glovo like delivery platform will analyze the preferences and tastes of customers easily. How does that happen? It collects data from users when they search for products, order specific goods from a retail outlet, and choose certain kinds of discounts, offers, promo codes etc.
  • This will help you to understand the interests and preferences of the target audience. Eventually, marketing campaigns can be altered based on their purchasing power and ordering frequency.

Wrapping Up

Glovo’s current investment of $30 million in the African continent has been a success. It is planning to attract 6.5 million customers in the coming months. Are you that entrepreneur passionate about the digital economy? Create a Glovo clone platform by connecting with a well-known app development company now.

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