Cancer Does Not "Strike" at Random.

The Appearance of Cancer Always Has a Reason and a Cause.

We live in natural bodies. The development, growth and appearance of the tumors that become diagnosed as “cancer” is a natural process; it is not random or malicious act of Nature. In reality, in almost all cases of cancer the real causes have very little to do with the common risk factors we all know about.

The real cause of cancer - that single, most important factor that first activates and causes cancer cells to start to grow in our bodies is actually based on the patterns of our emotional responses to many of life’s common stressors.

Everyone is familiar with many of the common risk factors that can predispose him or her to developing cancer. Factors under our direct control include lifestyle choices such as smoking, excessive alcohol use, the quality, and caliber of our dietary choices, and too much sunlight exposure without adequate protection. Factors that are out of our control include toxins in the environment such as air and water pollution, and of course genetics, or a family history of cancer.

But these are almost never the bottom-line “causes” of cancer. It is the physical reactions to stressors in our subconscious minds that trigger the biologic changes in our bodies that actually cause cancer cells to start to grow.

The Biologic Code of Cancer

Tumors never appear randomly in the body - there are very specific reasons that cause tumors to grow where they do. The body always grows tumors in direct response to life’s stressors in specific places and for specific reasons. This is the “Biologic Code of Cancer”.

We all feel a wide range of emotions that always flow throughout the body constantly, all the time. That flow of emotions is normally free and unrestricted. We feel emotions every day that don’t necessarily become health problems. The mind and body can easily cope with them. The body tends to “hold” certain emotions in specific organs in the body. Some examples are: love, joy, and happiness are held in the heart; the love and nurturing of a mother for her husband and children are held in her bosom.

When we experience a sudden shock to our emotions that is unexpected, severe, and devastating, it is a real trauma to the emotional system and the natural flow of emotional energy becomes blocked. Our minds interpret this blockage of energy flow as a “Biological Conflict” and our bodies begin to grow tumors in specific organs and tissues.

For example, deep-seated feelings of anger, which often manifest as a locked-up ability to give and receive love, reside in the liver. Feelings of fear, abandonment, and rejection are held in the kidneys. Being unable to accept that one has been somehow betrayed is often held in the stomach and colon areas. Issues involving stresses with family members affect the pancreas. Virtually all the emotions we experience have a place in the body where they are centered.

Biological Conflict is a state of reaction to emotional trauma that causes our bodies to immediately begin to grow more cells in the affected organ to help deal with the emotional trauma.

These new growths quickly become the tumors that we call “cancer”. This is actually an effort by the mind to make that organ more capable of coping with the stress related to the trauma. Before long, the new growth can become out of control and find other places to grow. So, the bottom-line reality is that cancer is a natural response of the body to an unnatural stress.

Cracking the Biologic Code of Cancer

Traditional medicine tells us that cancer should be treated as an invader, an enemy to be fought against and if one is really lucky, ultimately conquered. We must go in and aggressively “fight the cancer”. We must use treatments like chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation therapy to kill and eliminate cancer cells as fast as possible. The prevailing theory is the more we fight the cancer the better.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

When the causes of the biological conflict are identified and explained the patient can then deal with them. The moment the biological conflict is found and released the body will no longer “need” to grow cancer cells and will immediately begin to heal itself - naturally.

The key is to reverse the effects of the emotional trauma and let the emotions start flowing again. It’s releasing the emotion associated with the trauma that removes the cause of the cancer and allows healing to move forward.
Experienced practitioners who understand how to use computerized biofeedback systems can help reveal the nature of the underlying Biologic Conflicts. They can also help determine if the conflicts are still active or if they may have already moved into the healing phase.

The causes of cancer must be treated for lasting health. Otherwise, regardless of what treatments are used to “fight the cancer”, the Biologic Conflicts remain alive, and the body will continue to look for new places to grow cancer. This is the reason behind the vast majority of spreading and recurrences, or incomplete healing of cancer after traditional medical treatment.


Our experience shows that in almost all cases (over 140,000 case studies strong) that when the emotional blocks are released, the biologic conflicts can be resolved then the cancer goes into reverse mode and the body will begin to heal itself.

This is based on the scientific research work of Dr. Ryke Hamer, a German physician and oncologist who had a success rate for stage 4, mostly “terminal” cancer patients of over 90% using these principles.

To be truly meaningful a treatment program for cancer must begin with “cracking the biologic code of cancer” - finding and releasing the underlying Biologic Conflict that drives tumor growth in the first place.

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Author's Bio: 

Charles Schwengel, DO, DO(H)

Dr. Charlie Schwengel is one of the nation’s leading experts on developing integrative treatment plans for people living with cancer. He is a graduate of the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific, is a Homeopathic Physician, and is certified in IPT (Insulin Potentiation Therapy). After seeing how Homeopathic Medicine helped his stepfather achieve a “miraculous” recovery from heart disease, and experiencing his mother’s complete recovery from Stage 4 cancer using only natural medicine, Dr. Schwengel dedicated his professional life to assisting people to heal from cancer naturally by focusing on the root cause.

Extremely active in the holistic medical community, Dr. Schwengel is a successful speaker & radio show guest serving to educate the public on healing from cancer. He served on the Arizona Board of Homeopathic and Integrative Medical Examiners from 1998 – 2007, and was its President from 2005 – 2007. He maintains professional and associate memberships in a number of Osteopathic and Homeopathic medical associations.

Dr. Schwengel is one of only a few Physicians certified in Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT), which targets cancer cells with homeopathic medicine or low dose chemotherapy. His comprehensive approach and focus is on identifying and treating the causes of cancer, chronic pain and dis-ease and the supposedly un-diagnosable for sustained healing through his holistic approach.