Every now and then in our lives, we meet kind people who offer advices that we tend to take for granted.

On hindsight, they were proven to be true and we moved on with lessons learned the bitter way. If only we have listened.

The consequences can be dire if we ignore the advice or the lessons that people shared with us. If we were advised not to drive when intoxicated, we would have avoided death, paralysis or injury caused by car accidents. If only we have listened,we would not have paid a heavy price for it.

Some lessons in life are not meant to be learned freely. We have to pay a price, cheap if we are lucky. The other day, I have driven my car through a flash flood on my way home. The deluge of water that ran across the road has loosen part of the plastic shield underneath my car as I sped through it. It cost me $68.00 to fix it. I had been warned by some motorists to take another route but chose to ignore the warning. If only I listened.

Why did I not listen? Lackadaisical attitude I supposed. My point is this. If we choose to ignore what good Samaritan or kind-hearted people say, we will pay for a lesson. One way or the other.

I am an astrologer and my specialty is Chinese Astrology which has a sub-branch known as The Four Pillars of Destiny. It is an amazing metaphysical art which I used to accurately decode the destiny's pillars of my clients based on their birth dates. Over the years, I have read many clients' pillars of destiny and came across those with self-punishments in their characteristic traits. These type of people usually do things against their better judgment. They do not listen to good advice from people and also what their gut instinct tell them. As a result, they tend to pay a price for the lessons they learned instead of getting it for free. What I further observed from their destiny's pillars were the destructive elements which pushed them to act in a way that defied logic.

Through personal experiences of my own and others, I am of the view that emotion can make a person stupid. This is because emotion can cloud the mind of people who tend to act emotionally when pushed by circumstances or faced with problems.

By learning how to decode our pillars of destiny, we can find out the type of punishments, if any, that are self-inflicted and we can make conscious effort to understand the reasons behind them. Usually, it is emotion that underlies the factors driving a person to act carelessly, recklessly or destructively. Even if consciously or subconsciously, you knew it might get you into trouble, you still acted anyway and got into trouble. It is like the universe is conspiring against you and make you do things that become lessons in life, with or without pain.

The latest lesson in life is the corona virus that is taking a heavy toll on our health and economy globally. It is testing our faith in God and fast becoming an apocalypse if we do not act with great resolve and determination in the crucible of this deadly disease. It takes enormous willpower and tremendous effort by the people of this world to contain the disease with unity of mind and purpose. The least we can do as the citizens of this world is to heed the advice of our leaders and follow the health directive of our government by staying at home in order to break the chain of infection. Otherwise, we will pay a heavy price for our indiscretion and it is a lesson we do not want to learn bitterly.

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My name is Alvin and I can help you to find your destiny based on Chinese Astrology. By learning to understand what makes you unique, you can go with the flow of your strength and reach your goals in life easier and faster. The Four Pillars of Destiny (Ba Zi) is an amazing art that accurately measures your ability and capacity to live your life to the full. Please visit my website http://www.bazidestiny.yolasite.com.