With the Covid 19 pandemic causing unprecedented level of disruptions everywhere, impacting businesses to huge extents, the role of security guards is becoming more pronounced than ever. Every industry is affected as a result of the pandemic. According to reports millions of private guards are facing occupational risk due to the massive spread. Why? Frequent exposure to public forms a part of their duties and responsibilities, making them more vulnerable to the disease.

The Corona virus pandemic is leading to huge turmoil and crisis across the security industry which is evident from the growing rate of redeployment as most of the industrial sectors are being impacted by slowdowns and closures. Meanwhile other sectors like grocery stores, healthcare facilities and hospitals are witnessing a rise in demand for security services.

It has become difficult for security companies to stand such test of time as an increasing number of people are getting affected; and tending to the public now literally means risking lives. Some precautions for security guards have evolved as prescribed by experts.

 Washing Hands Frequently

Although considered really simple, there is no other precaution which can be as effective as washing hands at frequent intervals. Considering that the virus spreads through contact and our hands are more prone to coming in contact with the deadly microbe, doctors are recommending disinfecting of hands by thorough washing. Professionals working as security guards in Caboolture are requested to clean their hands for 20 seconds by scrubbing the hands carefully. Also, they are recommended to thoroughly wash back portion of the palm to ensure 100% cleaning.

Avoid Touching Nose, Mouth and Eyes

Researches over and again proved that the virus enters our body through openings like the mouth, eyes and nose. Later it moves to our lungs and cause damage to our immune system. Frequent usage of sanitizer is effective in keeping our hands clean while we avoid touching our face. Corporate security professionals in Brisbane are prone to coming in contact with public who may have the chance of being affected. Apart from limiting close contact through interactions, these guards are recommended wearing masks while avoiding facial touch.

Restricting Close Contact

As mentioned, coming in close contact with the affected spreads the disease faster. Especially guards are posted to protect communities and spaces without knowing whether people accessing the concerned areas are infected or not. Hence they are requested to restrict close contact by maintaining social distancing. Doctors advise that they maintain at least six feet area of separation to avoid contamination through droplets. Even while patrolling they are recommended maintaining distances.

Adapting Precautionary Work Environment

This is a vital consideration for security guards who are subject to interaction with people irrespective of whether they are infected or not. In order to limit the viral spread, security guards at departmental or grocery stores are asked to visually verify identification badges and cards. It is advisable that they touch them. Furthermore retail spaces are installing plexiglass barriers for employees especially those posted as guards to avoid droplet contamination.

Since security or patrolling officers have to come in contact with various surfaces during their duty, it is recommended that they frequently disinfect the common areas of work or objects which they have to use during service hours.

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The author who runs a corporate security company in Brisbane is urging guards to follow precautionary measures to stay protected during the pandemic.