Choosing the right worktop for your kitchen is quite a hard and difficult choice, because you had to pick the one which fits in your chosen style. The true is that the worktop will set the tone for your kitchen and it also can be the resistance piece of the room. There are three facts which will guide you in resolving this problem: the durability of the material, the time you want to spend looking after it and the money you want to invest in the acquisition.

Most popular choices
In the top of the most popular stone worktops ranking there are the man-made surfaces which can be of two types: the composites and the engineered stone. The fact about the is that the first ones are made of a mix of acrylic resin for 33 per cent and natural materials for 66 per cent, while the second are made with a higher percentage of natural stones, generally 96 per cent, obviously mixed with resin. The advantages of the both materials are that there are extremely hygienic and easy to keep clean. Also, they can be found in a large range of colors and patterns and in almost any shade you want them to be.

Natural stones
Descending on the ranking, there come the natural stones. In terms of these, the most popular one is the granite. It is well-known for its durability and high resistance to heat and scratches and I can tell you that it can be a great choice for your kitchen and you will never regret it, because it is very easy to clean and it has to be sealed once in ten years. Also, it can be for sure a lifetime investment. Then it comes about the marble which is also a popular choice by being found in a thousand of varieties, but it is more porous than the granite, so the fact is that you have to look after it.
Stainless steel has become popular thanks to the fact that it can be formed in any shape and size of worktop. The bad thing about it is that it shows fingerprints.

Cheaper possibilities
Glass is a great option for the small kitchens in which the house owners want to give the feeling of space. The truth is that it can be found in almost any color and it has a high heat resistance. The people choose this worktop especially for the contemporary style which glass is given to them room. The bad thing is that it can be sold only in specific sizes so it can’t be used for long worktops.

Timber is also a very popular choice to its cheaper price and its durability. Iroko is the most popular kind of timber and it is considered to be more durable than the others. The timbers have sealing required, so they must be oiled for a few times a year to keep them looking well.

When it comes about laminate it is known that is by far the cheapest choice you can ever make. Some of the laminates are replying the aspect of other materials, including the wood and the granite and like the others presented they can be found in almost any shape or color. They can be a great choice in case that you don’t want to spend so much money on this problem of kitchen worktop.

There for more, it is a practical thing about I want to tell you: mixing two types of stone worktop. This can represent a good choice and can give a sophisticated air to your kitchen. So don’t worry about mixing different materials, the result can be even better than you expect.
Finally, to make a right choice for your kitchen, you have to establish your priorities and the money you want to invest. There are so many options, so you can be a little confused but the real decision come down to the resistance of the material, the time you want to look after it or the maintenance and the amount of the money you want to invest. Also, it is important to choose a style for your kitchen like the modern or the traditional one, and to pick the material which fits better. The color and the size must not be neglected when you make the choice.

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