Schedule a Costa Blanca holidays as it is the best place to go for a good time and in addition have a party beyond belief especially during fiesta season. No place on earth is quiet as good at enjoying itself especially when you are on a Costa Blanca Holidays in Spain. It is believed that the Spanish motto is “any excuse will do” to have a party and let me tell you they are the best around.

On Costa Blanca holidays you will find rich cultural history, traditions and many regions have enabled its people to develop a lot of original celebrations that lead to a tremendous amount of fun. These fiestas are all based around religion or an historical event and in some cases political satires but they all have one thing in common which is they take place outside with music, fireworks, food and drink, a great combination. All this with a pinch of lively Spanish spirit thrown in for good measure and now we have a Costa Blanca holidays to remember.

On your Costa Blanca holidays don't worry about finding a fiesta as one will surely find you. It is said that if you attend more than one a day you would not be able to see all of them in a lifetime. In the mean time take a look at Spanish life as much of it is lived in the streets where ladies are setting outside of their front door, they are just relaxing or preparing dinner while the men stand around talking and most likely drink is involved. Now you have a feel for Spanish life it's time to choose which fiesta you would like to attend on your Costa Blanca holidays, here is one that you can't pass up.

The best and the biggest fiesta to attend while on your Costa Blanca holidays is the Moors and Christians fiesta. This fiesta is celebrated for the most part on the Iberian Peninsula as this is where the Christians finally defeated the Moors and ended their rule in Spain - so if you are on a Costa Blanca holidays trail then you are in the right place. The villagers dress up in period costumes and proceed to re-enact mock battles in the village streets. While this is going on there are parades, dancing, drinking and lots of stalls with food on offer. Be sure and get a lot of sleep before you attend this fiesta as it is impossible with parties that last the night through for at least a week. You will probably need another Costa Blanca Holidays to recoup from this one.

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