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By Merna Throne, M.S.

I am sure there are some people who are nodding already by this title and others are wondering what has gotten into my writing for wellness. Anyone who knows me personally and has for years understands my love of the Seinfeld television series. I am one of millions who have seen each episode a dozen times at minimum and yes, have them memorized. My sis-in-law had a good time researching this article and she remembered more than I did! I caught an episode last night that got me thinking immediately that Kramer lives by the Law of Attraction – wholeheartedly! The episode ended with Kramer finally wearing his technicolor raincoat and walking down the street. The wind was blowing and a white/furry hat blew off a woman's head right towards Kramer that completed his outfit. He just always ended with what he really wanted!

Soooo, if you are still scratching your head and see Kramer as a bum lets break this down a bit. Now, now, if you think he’s a bum and well he is to a point, but we can take a lesson of letting go of worry when it comes to attracting great things in life.

Here are a few things he has attracted:

1. He attracts money to pay his rent and maintain a residence for years. We never heard of money woes or a job he goes to daily to live across the hall from Jerry Seinfeld for years.

2. He attracted a book deal even though it was a joke amongst everyone. He was on Regis & Kelly to on his book tour for The Coffee Table book that turned into a coffee table.

3. Women – Jerry and his buddies were always blown away of how he can attract all these women. Kramer didn’t worry and had every bit of confidence he would simply get what he wants.

4. Remember his idea for Ocean perfume that he claims Calvin Klein stole from him? Well, in the end he settled for the underwear ad on a billboard. (He always settled for these ‘endorsements’ than cash and his attorney was so mad. BUT, he got what he wanted!)

5. He was the Marlboro Man

6. Money was never the object; he wanted the Life Experience, which was something that made him appear popular like modeling.

7. He wants, he gets. Everything just fell in his lap.

8. Jerry would offer his left over clothing and Kramer would say YES without knowing what it was. He loved everything he got! (He was very grateful – hint hint here for the reader)

Now, yes, I am fully aware that Cosmo Kramer is a fictional character loosely based on one of the producers of this series. With this character in mind we can learn something about letting go and enjoying life! Before you get all wound up here, I am NOT saying to become a bum, mooch off others, or become irresponsible, so let’s make that clear now. :)

However, we can learn about simply not worrying about each and every detail of our lives to make them perfect. In the Law of Attraction they told us to simply Ask. Believe. Receive… If you think about it that is exactly what Cosmo Kramer did with countless things in his life. Do you see the word worry in there? Nope, it is not in the Law of Attraction at all. Actually, it tells us that worry will repel what we really want. (Look at George Costanza)

I had a grandmother named Ruby and quite often I KNOW I take after her on many levels. She used to say, “I have to worry about something” and guess who inherited this thought. Yup, you guessed it - MERNA did! So, I have to be honest and remember that things always work out and they work out better than I could have done anyways.

In the end, Kramer truly lived the Law of Attraction and enjoyed his life to the utmost fullest. He loved, laughed, and shared his fun with everyone he could. When I think of Kramer just enjoying life I think of the episode where Newman and Kramer were making sausages in Jerry’s kitchen listening to some big band… Just having fun! (I hope that memory makes you chuckle too.)

So, give it a whirl and start each day with this simple mantra for the day.

Ask. Believe. Receive….

Kramer says it’s that simple, so it is.

Be well,

Merna Throne, M.S.
Super Success Coach & Trainer™

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