Creating art, whether as a profession or hobby, is one of the noblest and benevolent things to do. The world is full of so many artists that are exquisite in their own unique way, but to have someone leave you spellbound with their work, is a skillset only a few like Cosmina ENE have.
Cosmina ENE was born on October 1st, 1968 in Bucharest, Romania. She spent her childhood falling in love with the magnanimous nature and the beauty that surrounded her. The epic scenes around her got her to painting sceneries and paintings that got deeper as she grew older. By the time she was young, her interest in arts had gone on from being a mere interest to a sheer passion. Following her dream of becoming an artist, Cosmina joined The Ateliers des Beaux-Arts de Paris where she learned arts. To further enhance her innate skillset, she decided to move to Japan to study calligraphy. There, she spent about a year mastering the art.
The Building Blocks
The French artist has gone on to achieve great things in her life, with recognition for her abilities with a canvas to awards for her mind-boggling art. Cosmina excelled in lithography, drawing, sculpture, ceramics and more, showcasing her aptitude in this area. Although all of her art is worth a few words of praise, she is most commonly known around the world for her abstract-style painting.
Cosmina ENE mainly uses oil and acrylic paintings to express the thoughts that reside deep inside her mind. Every artist strives to be unique in his or her own way. For Cosmina, her way of art got classified as an “Atmospheric Abstraction” revolutionizing a new artistic movement.
The Move That Led Way
In 2015, Cosmina decided to move to the United States and pursue her artistic dreams there. The move, a sheer consequence of brilliant luck, proved really fancy for her career. For comprehension, the lady has won numerous awards and done several successful solo shows since. To be precise, she has conducted over a 100 group exhibitions, both in the US and Europe, attracting a large number of eyeballs to her art. What honors her art the most is that fact that it is part of some of the most prestigious art collection spread across five continents.
Art is not the only thing that mesmerizes Cosmina. She is also in awe of the history, on which she wrote three books. The first book, “Toward Abstraction -The Path to Abstraction in Modern Art” was published in 2017, the second, “Paul Klee’s Legacy”, and the third “Paul Klee - Art and Teachings” that hit the stores in 2018.
The Discovery
One of the best moments in the life of an artist is when their true talent comes to the limelight. Although Cosmina has been painting since the early age of eight, she was discovered at the age of 31 by a distributor named Max Laniado. Cosmina’s first solo exhibition still took about seven more years. In 2008, she got a chance to debut her solo exhibition career, and the rest is history. Want to praise the art of this artist? Visit her website,

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