There IS Divine Order on our planet. Remember, not to “judge by appearances.”

We are ALL exactly where we need to be. We are ALL in the right place at the right time.

Karma does work in EVERY moment of our lives. Every thought, word, and deed is recorded in the ethers. Some people like Edgar Cayce are able to tap into and read this “program” called the Akashic Record or the “Book of God’s Remembrance.”

Karma is no respecter of persons. Karma IS. If you choose to hurt someone, you will be paid back by this Great Computer in the Sky. Its memory is infinite, infallible, and acts like a mirror returning the same thought, word or deed right back at you.

As this planet is speeding up in time and moving up in evolution the reaction (Karma) is also speeding up and will return with the swiftness of a sword. We are witnessing all of this in our current news.

The loving eyes of the Great Spirit watch and witness all. Every reaction is given in LOVE and is for our highest good. “The wrath of God is loves


It is ALL given IN LOVE.

©2015Merry C. Battles

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