The written word is everywhere. In this days fast-paced, get-it-done-yesterday world, being able to speed read "and remember what you read" is nearly a matter of professional life or death. If your reading speed is more tortoise than hare, perhaps its time to look into a new way of reading.

Learn to speed read actually involves teaching your brain to read in a new way.

But wait! you say. It took years to learn how to read before. I just don't have that much of time.

Never fear! The Speed Read Complete Corporate edition, from the leading internet authority on speed reading, Dr. Jay Polmar, you will be able to double your reading speed in only an hour in the privacy of your own home or office! This time-tested method of teaching your brain to speed read has been taught in live seminars for decades all around the US and the e-books have been translated into five languages.

Still unsure about signing up for an online speed reading course and they charge a fortune? Have you handed over hundreds of dollars before, only to read a few words a minute faster? With Speed Read Complete course "includes three ebooks as well as supplementary MP3 audio files which you can take anywhere" and it is guaranteed that you will be reading noticeably faster and comprehending more or every penny of your money comes back to you.

Start your Speed Read Complete Corporate course (a minimum of a sixth grade reading level is necessary) with the book Speed Reading in Only One Hour. Move on to the rest of the Complete Speed Reading Program: Corporate Version. In our course you are going to learn not only how to speed read, but also how to learn to control subvocalization, vary your reading speed, batch process, and important techniques for positive thinking.

Not only will you learn to increase your reading speed, using our time-tested Speed Read Complete course, you'll be able to improve your memory, recall, concentration, note taking, and more.

The Speed Read Complete was written based on a 3-day lecture course by Dr. Jay Polmar, an accomplished author and university and community college professor who has written more than 100 books. Dr. Polmar has helped hundreds of thousands in the world to read faster and get ahead. Let him help you improve your life!

You can be a top performer in University and in Corporate America. Make sure to check out Dr. Jay Polmar's most excellent course: The Complete Speed Reading Program -- there are personal and corporate editions with goal planning The Complete Speed Reading program , and be a top performer in University and business- be powerful! Click here for other unique speedreading articles.

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Dr. Jay Polmar, the founder of , taught classes in colleges and universities for 16 years.