You have two choices when confronted with and, in turn, coping with infidelity. You can accept it and try to move on with the relationship or you can end the relationship. These two choices may seem almost insurmountable when the situation is new and fresh in your mind. There are a lot of heavy emotions burdening the mind when a spouse or significant other has cheated.

At first, you may feel like you simply cannot accept the situation as it is. Many people worry about the details of the action and will insist that they know everything. Others would rather not know any details whatsoever. If you are confronted with this situation, you should go with the action that makes you most comfortable.

You should not worry about how the information has affected the cheater. You need to concentrate more on yourself. Ask yourself if you are the kind of person that can forgive such a heinous act. Remember that there is never a good reason for this kind of betrayal.

This is an act that causes relationships to dissolve because it is a breach of trust. Once the trust has left the relationship, there will always be doubts and worries by at least one of the parties. If you have cheated on your spouse, you will always wonder if they are cheating to get back at you. If you have been cheated on, you will always wonder if your spouse is repeating the past. Both of these are unfortunate signs that there can no longer be a loving, trusting relationship between the two of you.

If you and your partner decide you want to try to work things out, you should consider seeing a couples therapist. Even if you are not married, therapy can present a soothing atmosphere for both of you to talk openly about worries and fears. Therapists attempt to work as a neutral party, presenting ideas and suggestions to the couple to help them understand better and love each other more.

Since trust is so important in any relationship, it is very difficult to get back. The small doubts that someone harbors rarely just disappear. It takes time and hard work by both parties to get the relationship back on track. You will want to judge the relationship for all of its merits to see if it is worth saving.

If you feel you cannot bond with your partner again, it is better to end the relationship. Learning to trust your partner again is what makes coping with infidelity one of the most difficult challenges to undertake.

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