While those who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy may feel as if they are all alone, this is a common scenario. You are not alone in this. According to the CDC, nearly half of all pregnancies in the United States are not planned. The news is often devastating to those who were not actively planning to conceive.

The wide-ranging emotions that crop up will make anyone anxious. Fortunately, there is nothing to worry about. You are not the first person to experience such an occurrence. Working through those emotions can be challenging and that’s where this guide can help. Be sure to take a closer look at these suggestions when dealing with an unplanned pregnancy Des Plaines, IL:

1. Handling The Physical Demands

The emotional demands of pregnancy are tough to deal with. This causes would-be mothers to neglect the physical aspect of pregnancy, at their own peril. That’s why it is important to take a closer look at the John Muir guidelines. Mothers must take all of the necessary steps to ensure the health of their babies during their pregnancy. This also provides parents with a healthy distraction from all of the mixed emotions that they are experiencing.

2. Speak To Friends and Loved Ones

At times like these, it may seem as if no one is willing to let a new parent open up to them. Or the parent may feel as if they are all alone, regardless of who is offering a sympathetic ear. In most instances, nothing could be further from the truth. If there is more than one person to confide in about the experience, there is nothing wrong with doing so.

This is not the time to turn inward. Life-changing news like this can be scary to deal with, not to mention the loneliness. The people who are closest to the new mother are definitely going to want to hear more. Anyone who is ready and willing to bring comfort and support during the pregnancy (and well beyond) is someone who needs to be kept in the loop.

3. Don’t Deny The Feelings As They Come To The Surface

Anger, sadness, terror, nervousness, and resentment: these are all feelings that are bound to bubble up to the surface during an unplanned pregnancy. Don’t make the mistake of minimizing these emotions. They are totally natural and bottling them up is only going to make matters worse. Feelings are okay. Actions are what an expectant mother needs to worry about.

Excitement and happiness are also emotions that need to be embraced. An unplanned pregnancy can cause a number of people to venture opinions that are not necessarily positive. These opinions are not nearly as important as the mother’s opinion. Even when support and acceptance are not being offered, it is okay to feel happy about this life-changing event.

4. Talk To Other Parents (Or a Professional)

Whether the parent is visiting support groups that convene in person or online, talking to other parents is a must. These women have been through the same situations already. They can tell a mother to be what to expect and how to handle certain occurrences. The mother may need some suggestions or she may just need a shoulder to cry on.

Distress and anxiety can start to build up in a very unhealthy manner, though. If these emotions have risen to the point where they cannot be handled in the proper way, it is time to seek professional assistance. A therapist, counselor, or primary care provider can serve as an invaluable resource during times like these.

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