Are you planning a Michigan family vacation this summer? Searching for ideas on where to take the kids or hot places to stay? If so, read on for an overview of the best family destinations and accommodations throughout the state.

Air Zoo Museum

For your next family vacation in Michigan - or even if you've never yet visited - let your kids explore a replica of the International Space Station, learn about the Wright brothers' first flight, climb aboard a flight simulator and enjoy many educational and fun rides about the marvel of flying.

The Air Zoo is open every day of the year, except Thanksgiving and Christmas. The facility is sponsored and operated by the Smithsonian Institute. It's targeted toward both kids and adults, making it a popular stop for families who want an activity that's both fun and educational.

General admission to the Air Zoo is $19.50 for adults and $15.50 for children. Toddlers and infants under the age are allowed to enter for free. Alternatively, if you buy your tickets three days in advance and online, you'll save 10% off the regular ticket price. If you plan to go multiple times in a year, you may want to purchase a family membership. Not a bad deal.

Ford Museum

The Henry Ford Museum isn't all about Henry Ford. Rather, it's about the American experience and a long history of ingenuity and commerce. The target audience is children and young adults, but there are numerous activities and resources for adults too. The curators focus on interactive and fun exhibits that capture kids' imagination and make learning fun.

Like the Air Zoo, you can visit the Henry Ford Museum every day, except Thanksgiving and Christmas. The admission cost is $14 for adults, $10 for kids, $13 for seniors and is without charge for kids under the age of 5. If you're interested in learning more or about upcoming exhibits or events, then visit their website at

Indoor Water Parks

Michigan is full of indoor water park resorts and hotels. You can hit the budget friendly Gold Rush or the family-focused Great Wolf Lodge along with numerous other water parks that are open all year-round.

You should budget a little more than you would for a traditional hotel stay, but remember that the extra costs include the added entertainment for the kids while you explore Michigan.

Corn Mazes

Michigan state is known for its fall corn mazes. If you're taking a Michigan family vacation this autumn, be sure to stop at some of the country's largest corn mazes. In Williamston, you can find a 20-acre corn maze (visit for details). So, visit Michigan this autumn and get lost in the fun.

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